As I, your Botching one, sits down for another edition of “205 Live”, I am excited.  Cedric won the #1 Contenders match with Gabba Gulak and he’ll face Enzo Amore for the title.  I’d prefer he had his mic together before this happened but in terms of ring work, I think he’s quite simply the best in the WWE who isn’t AJ Styles.  I cannot wait to see the match itself.  Cedric will give us the ring work and Enzo will give us everything else.  It should be a lot of fun.  Okay, on to this week’s show.

A quick word about Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness.  In truth, I neither like nor dislike them.  They’re just…there.  They more or less disappear into the show and I pay very little attention to either.  I’d rather the commentary team had a bit more personality myself but I’m not bothered that Vic and Nigel are there like I am about…ahem…another commentator.


Kalisto & Gran Metalik vs. The Brian Kendrick and “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

This began with a little bit of mic work from Kendrick and Gallagher.  Gallagher’s precious British accent plays perfectly to his heel’ness.  When Kendrick yells to get his point across (and he does it very well), Gallagher insinuates and snipes.  Good stuff from both.

Oh, and I hate Kendrick’s incredibly stale theme song.  CFO$ need to fix it pronto.  It’s old as the hills and it doesn’t fit him at all.

As for the match itself, we’ll always get gold from these four.  They can all just flat-out go and this one didn’t disappoint.  Really, when does any match in “205 Live” disappoint?  That’s what makes it hard to make grades stand out on this show.  They all bring it every time!  Yes, even Enzo, while limited at this point, is getting better all the time and really making a show of it as of late.

These guys gave it all they had.  I loved the continued attack on Gran Metalik.  Very nice story told there.  The constant attack on Metalik’s knee was very well done too.  The selling of the Cruiserweights has never been a strong suit but Metalik did a very nice job here selling the damage he was taking.

I’m now going to split the next part of this off because my conscience won’t let me downgrade the match because of it…


Commentary from Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness during the match above

I was, however, very disappointed by the aforementioned commentary team.  Neither Nigel nor Vic bothered to sell the end-of-match attack.  They told the story in the most benign way possible without bothering to invest in it.  They weren’t feeling it at all.  This is kinda the norm and I’ve never been a fan.


Backstage segment – Enzo, Ariya, and Drew

Drew was on FIYAH!  Enzo’s line, “why don’t you try showing some freakin”? passion”, to Ariya was just perfect.  It also shows a lot of the issues the characters on the show used to have.  I was within inches of making it the title but the truth is, many of them are doing better in that regard and I have no interest in perpetuating the myth that they’re still stuck in dry dock as they were at the beginning and for a while thereafter.


Hideo Itami vs. Colin Delaney!!!

This is the second time in as many weeks we’re seeing Colin again.  If you remember, he was in WWE’s ECW ten years ago teaming with Tommy Dreamer and eventually turning on him.  He was let go for money reasons but he was fun while he was there.  Think of him as the template for James Ellsworth.  Anyway, it’s fun seeing him back.  This was the epitome of a jobber match with Colin getting in almost no offense so it appears Colin isn’t here to do anything more than make others look good.


Backstage interview – Enzo & Cedric

Enzo was Enzo and he was fun.  Cedric was reading from a script and he was boring.  That about sums that up.  Cedric has moments where I think he’s figured it out and then he blows it with robotic nonsense like this segment.  I want him to get it together because his ring work is SOOOOOOOOOOO good.  Yet, he just can’t get the mic together for whatever reason.  Does he need a heel turn to wake him up?  What do you think?


Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander

Drew has become golden on the mic.  He even added a fiery new dimension to it this week.  Very cool.  On to the match…

Drew’s fire also translated to his ring work.  He was more forceful and diabolical in the ring than he usually is.  As huge a fan of Cedric’s ring work as I am, I wouldn’t have been mad at all if Drew had won last week’s match with Cedric.

These two went back and forth like champs.  They are both so good!  Drew was trained by Kassius Ohno (then Chris Hero), Mike Quackenbush, and Lucha legend, Skayde.  He’s really a perfect balance of all three.  Cedric was trained by George South in CWF and is nothing like his trainer.  Still, George clearly did an exceptional job with him!  The chemistry between both of them can’t be denied and it was on beautifully display here.  Loved the tentativeness Drew displayed going to the top rope and then second-guessing it.  Perfect!  Enzo’s wary stare at Cedric told the “I’ve got a real problem here” story very well.  I even liked Ariya’s attempted attack.  They’ve got Cedric looking good and strong headed into Enzo and Cedric’s collision.

I really want to see this title defense.  WWE, Cedric, and Enzo have sold me on it nicely.  If anyone can get a very good match out of the admittedly-limited-but-getting-better Enzo, it’s Cedric.  Botch out!