Smackdown: Who’s Your Daddy?

Hello all, your old mate Sir Mitch here filling in for Queen KB this week as she has a few pressing things to deal with this holiday season, but she wanted to tell this lovely true story to you guys before I get started with this week’s Smackdown Flush!

Queen KB

During Clash of Champions, we discussed WWE merch and the Santa hats they put out each year.  I have a pile of the hats, but the first one I got was the Undertaker hat.  I also got the Undertaker stocking and the DX stocking.  December 2008 was the first, and only, Chrismas, I spent in hospital.  The only bed they had open was in the cancer ward, so that’s where I ended up staying for almost two weeks. 

To cheer me up, the family decorated my IV pole.  Sam had just turned five, and she gave me that little pink octopus (which still has a position of honor up on my favourite shelf).  Stacy hung up the stockings on my IV pole and brought me my Taker Santa hat.  Ellie bought me a bottle of Barenjager and tumbler set which sat on the window sill for days before the nurses realized I had booze in the cancer ward and asked me to send it home with the next person who visited. 

What no one noticed was that the Santa hat I was wearing, and one of the stockings hanging was Taker’s.  It sucked having to spend that time in the hospital but knowing I had the Undertaker hat and stocking that none of the hospital staff recognized made me that much happier.  I’m not big on Chrismas normally, but not being in the hospital is great and reminds me that things can be so much worse.  No matter what your traditions, or how you’re spending the holidays, please remember those less fortunate, and those who covertly have fun when no one is looking.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Opening Segment: Bryan & Shane Promo

Well, wasn’t this just a giant tease for whats soon to come huh? Apart from Shane giving us a play by play rundown of the vents that led us here, I LOVED this segment.

The idea that Bryan is just trying to save Shane from himself and preserve their shared vision for Smackdown Live was just genius writing for a promo. But what stood out the most for me was Shane telling Daniel he trusts him and then walking away after Daniel said he doesn’t want Shane turning into his father! Make my words that is the line that will trigger Shane’s heel turn. And I can’t wait to see in all unfold!

The Usos def. Benjamin & Gable

Benjamin and Gable have now officially gelled and have become my new favourite Tag Team in WWE! These two teams worked a great match here, and I can’t wait to see them square off again on a WWE Network Event where they will hopefully be given twenty minutes minimum to really put on a show!

Women’s Division Promo: Charlotte, Naomi & The Riott Squad

I Loved how Charlotte thanked us, the fans for helping make the Women’s Evolution happen. We all bemoan the fact that WWE higher-ups are tone deaf to the audience a lot of the time, but making badly needed changes to the way they book Women’s Wrestling and giving these girls the ball and letting them run with it is one example of people behind the scenes listening to the fans. They realized that they had to make some changes…so they did!

The rest of the promo was just set up stuff with Naomi announcing her entry into the Rumble and organizing the tag match with Riott squad, but it was still a great segment.

Naomi & Charlotte def. Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan

Naomi is probably the the most athletic Women in WWE! She does things in the ring most guys could NEVER do. But apart from Naomi’s controbutions, this match was pretty cookie cutter!

In-Ring Promo: Ziggler

I love when lines between Wrestling and Reality blur…it just makes for better storytelling in today’s era of easily accessible information! It’s no secret that Ziggy is not happy in his current spot in WWE and may be looking to move on. But to actually list all his accomplishments to put down the audience for not understanding why he was put in the U.S. Title match at the Clash wasn’t just a great heel move, It also illustrates how many times he’s had the rug pulled from beneath him mid push! To top all of that off by leaving the belt in the ring and walking away as a tease was just the icing on the cake.

I don’t know if this storyline is being done to eventually write Ziggler of TV before he’s released, or to set up another big push for him…but I’m going to enjoy finding out!

Backstage Segment: KO, Zayn & Bryan

Sami Zayn as a heel has grown on me so very much! It was exactly what he needed for management and the fans to start believing in him again. Some talents are just able to make the most of any opportunity they are given no matter if it’s good or bad.

The interactions between KO, Sami, and Bryan, will only get better as the weeks go on I’m sure.

New Day def. Team Rusev Day

So this is probably where I’m going to lose you guys!

Maybe it’s my hatred for the New Day’s gimmick talking here, but I did not enjoy this match! Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy the occasional comedy match (unlike a certain former pro wrestling manager and Booker turned internet troll who has to expose himself in public to get a pop these days), but I found this stuff childish.

But at least Rusev Day is over like rover!

Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

This is the one thing Smackdown still does better than Raw most weeks…putting on a great main event!

So many great moments in this match like Orton double DDT’ing both Singh brothers, Nakamura rocking it with Sami for the first time since Takeover Dallas and AJ making magic in the ring with KO.

But a glaring problem kept sticking out like a sore thumb throughout the whole thing! Jinder Mahal is such a lumbering oaf in the ring that it actually makes me pine for the Great Khali at times. I had hoped that after failing to draw in India and causing Smackdowns TV Ratings and Ticket Sales to plummet that Jinder’s days of main eventing shows were finally over! But with this match, and the fact that he is advertised to face AJ Styles for the WWE Title in the first Smackdown broadcast of 2018 it’s clear that Vince and co are not ready to throw in the towel on the Jinder experiment much to all our chagrins.

The Last Word

All in all, it was a pretty good show this week. Please feel free to check out our merchandise store by clicking the Royal Swag icon at the top of the page and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!