Is Batista’s Rumored Return a Good Thing?

On Saturday morning at 11:14am….backstage…

Botch:  Apparently Bootista really is coming back for a 6-month retirement run.  UGH!!!

Dre:  Doesn’t want his last run to be the one in 2014.  I can’t say I blame him.

Botch: I don’t either. The truth is that not everyone can come back after their best runs. Batista is one of those people. Jericho he is definitely not. I admit I’m “anti-dinosaur” anyway but he ain’t Goldberg. When he came back last time, no one cared, really.

Dre: Bad timing. He’ll be received better this time around. Batista unlike most former stars who comeback is at least willing to put guys over (Bryan, Shield) so I won’t kill this move too much.

Botch: Yeah, the “Daniel Bryan” thing didn’t help at all. I’m just not sure how he can put anyone over. Jericho can because of who he is. Heck, even Goldberg could. They had a thing that made them really special. All of them could come back repeatedly and most would love it. I’m just not sure Batista is the guy that people cared enough about in the first place that can just come back and be over.

Dre: Truthfully I don’t think beating Jericho means much. Hasn’t in years. Jericho put over Fandango and that didn’t do anything for him/ Jericho’s sthick his last run was hilarious but I didn’t take him serious as a legit threat the way I did in 2008.I think Batista will be fine

Dre: People forget that Batista was the most over act in the company in 2004-2005 leading up to WM21 and the top face of SD for a few years.

Botch: Fandango sank himself because of one awful in-ring promo with Lawler. He was portraying an arrogant heel and he couldn’t really pull it off. Jericho did WONDERS for Kevin Owens. It gave us another side of him and then BRILLIANTLY returned him to the vicious heel he had been in NXT.

Botch: That’s true. We DO forget. Therein lies the problem. I just wasn’t ever really that high up on him myself. He was just kind of a stereotypical big roid guy with Vince’s preferred look. Not much in the personality department, really. Just my opinion.

Marie:  One thing you guys are forgetting is that Bautista has also made himself into a mainstream star in the meantime. Fans will be more apt to care now just simply because it is Drax than they will about Bautista’s in ring ability.

Botch: I dunno. They didn’t last time. Again, I know Bryan factored into the issues last time but those weren’t the only issues. IMHO, Batista just can’t pull off returning. He’d have to return as a heel for it to work at all. He’ll likely come in to “oh not you again”. If they play off of that, his return COULD work.

Dre: Guardians hadn’t hit the screen yet when he returned last time. And without a Daniel Bryan type situation to walk into he won’t receive that type of backlash.

Botch: He won’t receive the backlash for sure but I’m not sure people were that excited to see him anyway. I’m also not sure “Guardians…” is gonna add that much luster to a potential return. I could be wrong.

Marie: Bautista was the breakout star of Guardians. It’ll add to it…

With that, our conversation shifted to other matters.

So what do you, our most royal of subjects, think?  Is it a good idea for Batista to come back?  Will it work?  How should be come back?  What should he do? Who should he face?  Let us know in the comments below!