Brian Kendrick Injured During Bout with Hideo Itami Last Night (UPDATED)

“205 Live”‘s Brian Kendrick was injured last night when taking Hideo Itami‘s “GTS” finisher.  He was taken to the hospital to be checked as a result.

Here’s the video of the end of the match and you can see where it went very wrong.  The “slow motion” portion is especially telling:


As more information becomes available concerning the severity of Kendrick’s injuries, we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE:  Kendrick has suffered a broken nose bridge and broken orbital bone.  He’ll likely be out for two months.

Botch Take:  This isn’t Hideo’s first go-around with injuring people.  This one should put him in the doghouse for sure and he richly deserves to be there – unintentional though I’m sure this was.  Quite the uneventful career he’s had with WWE and while this might not end it, it will hopefully buy him some disciplinary action.