Hey, kids, it’s the Botching one ready to dive into another sublime episode of “NXT”.  These are halcyon days for NXT fans and I’m really enjoying watching new stars being built.  I also love seeing, hearing, and feeling a rabid audience that really enjoys everything.  No ridiculous “boring” or “CM Punk” chants.


Street Profits vs. Chris Starr and Riley Apex

Can Mauro please just stop with the hip-hop references?  He sounds awkward and old saying the word “swag”.  He is not cool no matter how hard he tries to be.

Okay, enough of Mauro.  Riley looks for all the world like a young JBL.  They kept mentioning it and I agree.  This was nothing more than a jobber match.  Nothing was really accomplished here.  It only got Montez and Angelo on TV.  For that, I am imminently grateful.  Montez’ Frog Splash was a thing of beauty!  WOW!

Montez is also complete gold on mic too.  He showed that here.  Angelo isn’t dripping in “it” like Montez is but he’s become a whole lot of fun this way.  He was already working a form of the gimmick he’s doing now before Montez came into the picture.  Now, he’s really shining and I couldn’t be happier for Montez and for him.  Really, if not for the mic work at the end of the match, my grade dives.


Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon

Sonya is working double-duty these days and doing it very well.  The women are giving us matches that are every bit as good as the men if not better.  This is one of the ones that’s better than most.  Deville has some very inventive offense.  The knee stomp while Ember was falling was very nicely done.  I love that when Ember goes to make an impactful move, she screams.  It really heightens the tension.  Her finisher, the Eclipse, is just devastating-looking!  These women worked hard and created a very good match, even if Sonya couldn’t possibly win due to her current lot in main roster life.

Kairi Sane came out with her silly pirate telescope.  That gimmick has got to go.  Shayna Baszler came out to attack and looked absolutely frightening doing it.  I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley.  Heck, I wouldn’t want to meet her in Walmart.


Backstage – Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering

Ellering does dark, abstract, and scary very well.  He made his career being an arrogant heel but this is something else…and he’s pulling it off brilliantly.  He got the job done nicely – threatening the Undisputed Era.  Good stuff!


Backstage segment – Ember Moon

She’s such a regular chick!  I love her!  She gets the job done here by telling Kairi and Shayna that she isn’t hard to find and to, essentially, come on with it.  It was really short but that’s all it needed to be, really.


Killian Dane vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Aleister Black

I love the remix the SaniTY theme gets whenever one of them is seen solo.  Very nice touch!

They really took the fight to each other here.  They went out to the announce area really quickly.  When they did, it took Percy way too long to get out of their.  He was shuffling wire while Nigel was telling him to get out of there.  Too funny.

Killian Dane flying through the air onto Lars on the table was just amazing!  It appeared that they both took each other out after that one.  ‘Course, Killian came back to wreak more havoc and did so brilliantly.  There appears to be little he won’t do.  Gargano and Black brought him down from the top rope with a nasty power bomb and it looked insane!  Lars came back too and faced off with Dane in the ring.  I kinda want a feud between these two.  We’d just get fights from them but I’m good with that.

As this was a “no disqualification” match, someone had to come in and interfere.  Fish, O’Reilly, and Cole (Bay Bay) were those culprits.  I absolutely don’t agree with Gargano winning (he just isn’t an interesting enough worker) but we’ll see where all this goes.  Either way, this was one heck of a match!


As a result of the winner of the last match, I’m less into who has the title.  It’ll either be boring or boring-er.  Hopefully, he can become more and he may very well do that.  The audience loves him and I’m hoping to learn to love him as well.  Join me again next week for another edition of “The Illustrious Future”!