Nobody Wants To See Your Spinning Hips On Rusev Day!

Before getting into The Flush this week, I have to tell you that due to weather, an accident, and pushing our personal Christmas back a day, I will be reviewing SD from Hulu. Last week, on Tuesday, my eldest son Tim was out walking with his boyfriend who was hit by a car. Patrick had numerous breaks, but no organ injuries. After they stabilized him, they shipped him to Portland to Maine’s largest and best hospital to take care of his injuries. It was because of this that Botch wrote The Flush for me. I watched the show, but remember very little as my mind and heart just wasn’t with the WWE. That Botch stepped in and said The Flush would be covered was one of the best gifts I’ve received in a long time. I didn’t realize just how not with it I was until he offered. Patrick is doing quite well, and Tim has spent time crashing on Ellie’s sofa so he can spend more time at the hospital.

Then we got hit with a solid snowstorm and so we pushed back Christmas to the 26th. Because the WWE couldn’t give the superstars the night off, we had a live Raw on Christmas night. Not cool. Further, we always watch the Dr. Who Christmas Special on Christmas night, so I didn’t watch Raw and still haven’t seen it.

Sadly Ellie and her boyfriend couldn’t join us, but my mother made a surprise trip to Maine, so I got to see her for the first time in over seven years. It was a long day with most of the family, as Christmas is for many people. Between cooking for ten, having a house full of people, and all the craziness that goes along with holidays, I was falling asleep as soon as everyone left. I was in bed before SD started, and slept through the night.

That was my making a long story longer, and my way to explain why there could be segments missing from this Flush, and why I hope it’s not too much of a mess.

Bryan, Baby…Down My Chimney

In that red and green plaid shirt, Bryan looked like a young lumberjack Santa to me, and he gave us the gift of a US Championship Tournament. I love the way he talked Ziggler up, but we all know he was screwed at every turn within the WWE, even when he was doing a great job of it.  I have serious issues with how Ziggler was pushed through the years, and cannot imagine how he feels about it.

For the first time, I actually believe in Benjamin and Gable as a tag team. They were solidly together on mic, and sold themselves really well. I didn’t think they had anything but ring work to them until this point, but I’m now stepping back and I’m willing to take a look at them and give them a chance. Yes, Benjamin is getting a second chance from me. Normally I’m good with second chances and have only held back from giving them to ADR and Mahal, and I’ve more than proven my point as to why I haven’t given them any second chances. Benjamin is finally showing me that he isn’t phoning it in the way he did with his first run with the WWE, and Gable was kind of endearing and totally believable here. I am impressed.

Then English and Rusev stole the segment, as they have been doing for weeks now. No clue whose idea it was to put these guys together, but they deserve a raise. Not just that, but they deserve a huge Rusev Day bonus – and I mean on EVERY Rusev Day!

New Day with their ‘Old Jason Jordan’ comment about knocked me over. That was just great! New Day has been great for a long time, but they’re staying fresh, something long term teams struggle with. Unlike Mitch, I think New Day is still a fantastic team.

Usos With Ringside Seats

Benjamin saving Gable and Woods in the accolade was great and quickly followed with a great spear through the ropes on Benjamin from Big Show. Then the double team ending on Big E really sealed the deal. The match was good, but that ending was stellar. Finally, Gable and Benjamin are a force to be reckoned with.

Shane Is Back, Or Bad?

Shane really talked down Bryan in this segment and did so in such a beautiful McMahon way. Actually, both men continued to skate that line between good and bad, making the fans to continue to wonder what the plan is for these two, and where they might be going. Because it’s not obvious, I’m loving it!

The Bludgeoning Of Breezango

I don’t like that Fashion Files has been moved to YouTube. I think they’re screwing up by taking it off SD, other than small clips now and then. Yes, they won’t be promising the show and running out of time, but I’m not one to spend much time on YT, and really enjoyed the bits of comedy on SD. This just takes Breezango further away from the ring. I know I am writing this as they work the ring, but they’re barely more than fodder for Rowan and Harper, and I don’t like that at all!

Of course, this was all one-sided. Rowan and Harper looked great in this match, as they were booked to do until The Ascension dragged Breeze and Fandango out of there. No clue what this means, other than them proving that they’re friends with Breezango.


Our Best Friends

The Ascension again challenged The Bludgeon Brothers for their best friends. They’re really pushing this, but is it all in the name of friendship? I’m actually kinda liking this as it has given life to two teams who were a mess, but what’s the long-term plan? Is it long enough to get to WrestleMania? Fingers crossed!

Rumble Video

I normally don’t comment on videos, but this Women’s Royal Rumble Match is huge, and the production crew did a great job of cutting together this video. I cannot wait to start my whiteboard for this match!


Squad Destroys Naomi…

I love the little promo from Ruby! She looked great, sounded great, and I’ll fully admit that I’m wearing almost exactly the same shade of lipstick she wore in the video. It’s a great color for her to wear as a tough girl. It’s not all girly and pink (Naomi), not red and all over the place (Paige), but a gray/lilac color that’s not the norm, but shows that while tough, she’s very much a woman who likes to look good.

Riot was all over Naomi and finished her off quickly. Too quickly for my taste. Yes, Liv and Sarah helped, but not enough for Naomi to get taken out that quickly. Ruby’s final kick is great, but is it enough of a finisher? Well, she took Charlotte out with it after the match, but still, I’m not sure it’s enough.

Lana walked out like a linebacker. Something about her not in heels, she looks as though she loses a lot of her femininity. Further, while she adds a number to the group she walked out with, she really doesn’t have much force behind her. I’m really not understanding why she’s running around with the rest of the women because she’s really not in their league.

Most Phenomenal Soccer Mom

AJ is fantastic when scripted. If only TNA had some structure, AJ could have been a great talker all along. He’s proven in the WWE that he just needed the scripting to show that he’s so much more than just the best wrestler in the world right now.

I’ve been watching a lot of the Impact channel on the Pluto app, and the dates of the events are wrong more often than not, but I’ve been able to date the PPVs by how long AJ’s hair is, if Team Canada is there, what EY has for hair, if Daniels and Kaz are together, how young/thin Joe is, if Austin Aries is there, and who Roode is working with. It’s been a lot of fun to see some of my favorites working better than what the WWE was giving us at the time, and remembering just how bad so many of Jeff Jarrett/Dixie Carter’s ideas really were!


Tournament, Match #1

Roode really hasn’t been pushed on SD as well as I think he should be. He’s just not getting the matches, or the showing we all know he has in him. I think he needs to turn heel and fast. Not just heel, but downright nasty heel, the way only guys like Regal, Trip and Roode can be. I’ve said for years that Roode reminds me of Trip, so why not push his strengths on SD and let him show why I’ve wanted Roode in the WWE for the better part of ten years, or more.

This match is so boring. I don’t know if it’s me, but this match really just isn’t very interesting. The fans were dead during this whole match, only reacting to Roode being GLORIOUS in the middle, then at the end when he got the three. This, personally, was the right way to do, as Corbin isn’t going anywhere. I keep giving him his second chance. He’s had about a dozen second chances and it’s just not working. Corbin isn’t a top-tier WWE superstar and is never going to be with this persona and serious lack of charisma. Roode was the right way to go here, now they just need to turn him heel and let him run roughshod over the majority of the roster. He could easily take out Mahal and that would push him quite far – even though Mahal is just a glorified jobber who got a chance because McMahon is delusional.

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

And there’s Mahal. As much as I want to see Mahal lose this, and most other matches, because he is a jobber, I want to see Roode destroy him in the next round.

We had just been wondering what happened to Ty and why he hasn’t been on SD at all lately. Even though it’s Ty, someone who hasn’t been pushed at all since being called up, it would be great to see him take Mahal out. Between the lack of reaction for Mahal in this match and the fact that they’re putting unexpected people into this US Championship Tournament, this match kinda sucked. The first match in the tourney was horrid, and this one isn’t any better. The only thing that helped it in any way was the fans being behind Ty, but that didn’t help him win this match, or make it at all interesting.


Korbel Is Special?

I like good champagne. Heck, I like mediocre champagne, but I don’t drink Korbel’s. Just yuck. What isn’t yuck is Sami as heel. He didn’t say much more than Yep, but his body language, facial expressions, and whole attitude was so great. He’s the heel I never thought he could be and is out-heeling KO in some ways, and that’s saying something HUGE!


Nakamura Steals The Moment!

Orty looks a bit strange with all that hair. He looks younger, but not like a younger Orty. I don’t know how to explain it. But Nakamura stole the segment by announcing that he will be winning the Royal Rumble Match. Wait, he didn’t say that, but he did throw his hat in, and even though I haven’t pulled out my whiteboard yet, Nakamura is high on my win list. Actually, would you be interested in seeing my whiteboard and how it changes each week heading toward the Royal Rumble? I could post a pic of it at the end of each Flush if you’re interested.


Shane Is A McMahon!

I’m being thrown back to Miz and his most famous partner, Mizdow, watching this match. Sami bouncing around outside the ring has been as distracting and interesting as Sandow outside the ring while Miz worked inside. It’s another layer of interest to the match and makes Sami seem like less of a factor than he could be, all because he’s being cute and silly out there. This is something that’s been missing in the WWE for a long time, and something that they used to do much more often. Look back to the late 90s and early 2000s, and you will see more antics outside the ring as in. Yes, it goes back to that four letter word I love to say is missing in the WWE – grit – but it’s more than that. It’s excitement, interest, creativity, charisma, character, dedication, devotion, and really giving their all. These are things that the WWE has struggled with for a long time, and isn’t helping themselves by having Mahal as WWE Champion, or Corbin as US Champion. Using superstars who just aren’t good truly hurts the product as a whole, and the WWE has done too much of that for too long.

Seeing KO facing AJ with Sami outside the ring has big match feel. The problem is that the fans have already been lulled into the less than greatness of those who just shouldn’t be pushed, and don’t have it in them to react to a big match. They caught on as the match went along, really getting into it more and more with each pin attempt, but this is the main event between AJ and KO, they should have been on the edge of their seats since KO’s music first hit.

Shane coming to the ring and ejecting Sami was very much a Vince McMahon moment, but even better was AJ not having the ref’s attention because of it, and then KO getting the three on AJ because of it. Shane caused the mess, which will cause more issues between him and Bryan, as well as making things that much more interesting with KO and Sami. Shane sold his annoyance at himself well, and set up for more issues between him and Bryan next week on SD!

Final Flush

I have to thank all of you for sticking with me through the insane amount of drama that went down in 2017. Things will only get better here at Wrestle Royalty as we move into 2018. We have a lot of things planned for 2018 and hope you will tell your friends so we can continue to grow and offer new and exciting features to the site. Please realize that we are working on a nothing budget, all doing this because we love it, so be kind as we try new things. As always, if you have ideas, we’d love to hear them.

Queen KB