Cody On Leaving WWE: “I did make every effort I possibly could”

Former ROH World Champion and Bullet Club member Cody was interviewed by UK Dirt Sheet Wrestledope before a spoken word show in Ireland.

Here are some of his more memorable comments:

On being free from WWE: “The feeling, the sensation behind it is, it’s exciting to cherry pick and select and be your own boss and to be in control of your own brand, however, it’s a lot of work.”

On wrestling Kurt Angle in the UK: “To have a record crowd for What Culture, to be in there with Kurt Angle and not to be just like Kurt Angle plus garnish. For it instead to be, Kurt Angle V Cody Rhodes, our second match actually, it was very vindicating. It’s also nice, you know, the greatest revenge in all the world is success, so it’s nice to be vindicated.”

Exclusive contracts in the business: “I understand why not. But there is a lot of dated minds and a lot of old-school mentalities. It’s like we’re almost reverting to the most traditional which is just a dang handshake like Hey I’m glad to be here, and I’m going to give you my absolute best. I worked for a big corporation for a decade for the majority of my youth. Now I really like the opportunity to essentially play my music on as many brands and stuff as I can, and Ring of Honor and Impact have been exceptional. They have been exceptional about that; there has been no pushback, it’s all lined up exactly how we hoped.”

On Leaving WWE: “I did make every effort I possibly could. It just was a matter of, no faith in me at a certain juncture turns around well you know what I don’t have faith in you guys either. But let’s not end on such a sour note. It’s rather dramatic and seems more sour than it really is. It’s not, the Rhodes in WWE have a wonderful history. I’m glad they let me go, they are the house that built me, and you never know, I might be there again one day”.

Authors Take: Cody is living proof that walking away from WWE to achieve more success and earn more money is now a viable option for talents who feel they should be higher up on the card!