“Royalty in the Round” – Women’s Royal Rumble 2018 Match

Episode two of our most Royal video cast is finally available for your viewing pleasure!  We had much amusement concocting this little gem for all of you.  It was recorded late last week and produced just last night.  We aimed to make this one shorter and, by extension, a little more viewer-friendly than the last one was.  Hopefully we’ve succeeded in this most noble pursuit.

Please enjoy this most Royal experience and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • S.A.M. BANKAI!!!

    another great one guys. looking forward to more of these

    • Sir Mitch

      Feel free to share the vid.

    • Thanks, your SAM-NESS! We’ve definitely got more on the way. Other topics have already been decided on too!

    • Thanks! We have so much fun doing these. The hardest part is coordinating times we can do it. Between different time zones in the USA and Mitch being an Aussie, it’s a bit crazy, but we love each other and have a blast with them.