Rusev Has The Best Selling Shirt On WWE Shop!

No, you did read that headline correctly!

As of this writing, is sold out of every shirt men’s shirt, and it’s the number 1 selling item on the site. To his credit, in addition to his excellent work on Smackdown Live, Rusev has been promoting his merchandise on social media.

Here is a full list of top selling merchandise on WWE’s online store:

1) Rusev “Happy Rusev Day” Authentic T-Shirt
2) AJ Styles “The One Who Gets it Done” Special Edition T-Shirt
3) The Usos “Down Since Day One Ish” Authentic T-Shirt
4) AJ Styles “Untouchable” Authentic T-Shirt
5) Stone Cold Steve Austin “Santa Stunner” Holiday T-Shirt
6) The Shield “Shield United” Authentic T-Shirt
7) Seth Rollins “Burn It Down” Red Authentic T-Shirt
8) nWo Retro T-Shirt
9) Ric Flair “Stylin & Profilin” Authentic T-Shirt
10) AJ Styles “Untouchable” Red T-Shirt
11) Elias “World Tour” Authentic T-Shirt
12) Braun Strowman “Monster Among Us” Authentic T-Shirt
13) Finn Bálor “Resurrection” Authentic T-Shirt
14) Seth Rollins “Burn It Down” Knit Beanie Hat
15) Sheamus & Cesaro “The Bar” Authentic T-Shirt

Authors Take: If they don’t turn Rusev babyface and start pushing him up the card soon, it would be yet another missed opportunity by WWE’s higher-ups!