Beth Phoenix Returning To WWE

The WWE has announced, through a Facebook announcement by Byron Saxton and Renee Young, that Beth Phoenix will be returning.  She will be part of the commentary team for the WWE Mixed Match Facebook Live show.  She will join Corey Graves and Michael Cole for the tournament which will begin on January 16th at 10PM EST.

Queen’s Decree – I’m thrilled that Beth is returning to the WWE in any capacity.  She was the first name who came to mind when the Women’s Royal Rumble was announced, and I hope that this announcing gig is only part of what she will be doing for the WWE.  She wrestled for the company during a very strange and uncomfortable time for the Women’s/Divas Division and never really got to the point her skills paved the way for.  Her work was a big step in the right direction for the Women’s Division which is now running wild.  Even if it’s not a long time in the ring, I really hope she’s involved in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match as she’s one of only three women to participate in the traditional Royal Rumble.  Keeping my fingers crossed!