Mt Fiji of GLOW Passes Away at Age 60

Emily Dole, better known as Mt Fiji in GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) passed away today at the age of 60.  Dole was a Samoan-American wrestler who dwarfed those around her in GLOW, earning her an undefeated streak within the company.  It was notable when anyone even got her off her feet so getting a win over her 350lbs frame was impossible.  She worked for GLOW for three years and was both interviewed and shown on camera in the newest show about GLOW on Netflix.

During her third year with GLOW, they filmed some clips at Dole’s house with over thirty members of her family.  The police raided the house and beat down almost every member of the family.  Even Dole, who stood passively in the road, was beaten down.  Much like the Rodney King incident, video footage was taken.  After nine years in the courts, the family was awarded almost 24 million dollars from the Sheriff’s Dept.

Dole had struggled with her health in recent years due to her weight and knee troubles dating back to her shotput days.