I’m Built Ford Tough, Alright?

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One again to bring you another review of this week’s “205 Live”!  Let’s get to it, shall we?

TJP vs. Gran Metalik

TJP is absolutely, unequivocally, not over.  When he comes out, very few care.  This is entirely his fault as he’s shown all the charisma of a manila envelope.  The backstage bit before the match fell completely flat.  He tried for arrogance and I couldn’t buy it.  Anyway, on to the match.

The one place TJP never lets us down is in the ring and these two have great chemistry between them.  Ring work is exactly never a problem in “205 Live” and it wasn’t an issue here at all.  Metalik’s leap over the stairs that TJP was trying to make him suffer with was a simple thing but he made it look magical.  It’s a shame we can’t be more into either one of them.  The crowd wasn’t either, really, as a “we want tables” chant broke out during the mid-point of the match.  It was a good match with no real motivation for it so we weren’t invested.

The end-of-match stuff was interesting though.  TJP completely lost it and while he didn’t do enough or show quite enough on his face, he certainly got physical enough.  I’m now interest to see where this is going next.  ‘Course, this is no thanks to the Vic or Nigel.  As usual, they did almost nothing to sell what was happening.  They are literal bumps on a log most of the time and they just barely cooperate with what’s happening.  They are definitely not my favorite commentating team.  “Calm down”?  Really, Nigel?  Seems you take your own advice a bit too much…


Backstage segment:  Enzo Amore & Tony Nese

Enzo’s mad at catching damage from Cedric and he decided that we should hear about it.  He’s always interesting and he was here too.  Tony came in and was actually somewhat interesting here.  I saw actual fire from him!  Who knew?  Let’s hope this wasn’t an aberration.


In-ring segment:  Jack Gallagher & Hideo Itami

Here’s a guy who can be both a great face and a great heel.  He went on a very nice snarky tirade and Hideo showed up to interrupt.  The problem here is that because of Brian Kendrick’s very real injury at the hands (err knee) of Hideo, I’m not on Team Hideo…at all.  I’m all about Gallagher exacting vengeance and I’m not the only one who feels that way.


Backstage segment – Cedric & Goldust

Another plastic-y, scripted interview with Cedric that meant nothing.  Thankfully, Goldust came out and…things remained terrible.  Goldy came out and overdid it and it was just awkward.  Rather than making Cedric better, Goldust got worse here.  UGH!


Tony Nese (w/ Enzo Amore) vs. Cedric Alexander

Say what you want but Enzo is “over”.  He just is.  There’s a reason for it.  He has real charisma.  It’s in short supply in these parts and many are coming around but Enzo still has this quality over all of them in massive quantities.  Tony Nese’s entrance is still deathly boring (he counts his abs…cool…or something)

Cedric comes out with all the fire he doesn’t have on the mic (to an awful theme song no less) and the fun began.  It’s always such a pleasure to watch Cedric work.  His matches are the only ones I literally stop typing through and just watch.  He moves so quickly and he’s so (come on, you know it’s coming) crispy that I don’t want to miss a second of it.  His athleticism knows no bounds and his face tells a great story too.  Throughout the match, Enzo never stopped talking.  I was okay with it because the commentators were adding precious little.

Cedric told one heck of a story at the end too.  Loved the way he sold knee damage only to roll up Nese for the win.  It was high-larious!  I also loved the “I’m sick of your nonsense” lumbar check we got at the end.  All the charisma that we need from him on the mic shows up in stuff like that and it’s great.  If he can just find some on the mic, he’ll have everything together.

Join me again next week for another edition of “The Pickup”!