Michelle McCool Contacted for Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Along with Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool has also been reached out to for an appearance at this years historic Women’s Royal Rumble Match.  She was last seen in 2011 in a “Loser Leaves Town” match with Layla which she lost.  She was then attacked by briefly-signed Kharma to completely write her out.  She’s had a couple of struggles since she left including working with a torn MCL and broken toe as well as a skin cancer scare last year.

Botch Take:  As long as she’s not a major factor, I’m fine with it, I guess.  I want the current crop to shine and hopefully, that’s what she’ll be there to help make happen.  

  • Vomkrieg

    MM was actually pretty good, and one of the women of that era that would have put on some good matches if they were given more time and opportunities.

    It’s got to be about the new generation in a way, but this first rumble will also act as a huge tip of the hat to the women of the “Divas’ generation who missed out. Beth & MM are good examples.

    • Sir Mitch


    • Oh, I agree. Michell was no slouch in the ring. Does she measure up to the best of the current crop in terms of work? Not in my opinion. Still, it’ll be nice to see her in the ring again so long as she’s not made the focus of anything.

      • Vomkrieg

        I think it will be more of a show of respect than throwing the spotlight on her for any real length. She should have her 90-120 seconds of her “entrance time” to make an intro, wack some people, hit someone with a faith breaker, and then get eliminated. Much like most legends entries.