The Suspension of Disbelief

So I saw the Enzo interview with Corey last night…and it was really good.

Hear me out…

I get that many aren’t fans of Enzo but this was good for more reasons than just the Enzo.  It’s the principle behind what was done.

The tension between them was palpable.  Corey was trying so hard to be cooperative.  Enzo, however, was giving no quarter.  It was fascinating to watch Corey try to play nice and Enzo not caring one bit about it.  The two of them together was going to be difficult but we weren’t quite ready for this.  Enzo sitting there chowing down on a Granny Smith apple and not caring one bit about much of anything Corey was saying was incredibly awkward and downright cringe-y at times.  Corey tried really hard to keep things somewhat professional and almost friendly.  However, Enzo was completely impossible throughout and decidedly not having it.

Throughout, Corey asked the questions he asks on this show – straight questions about real things that happened.  When he asked those questions, they both worked together to walk the line between “work” and “shoot”.  Gotta love “smark” terms but they work here.  This program is geared that way and this interview is its zenith.  Intercut with all of that was TMZ video where Enzo was clearly well-sauced, adding even more realism.

For someone who’s watched this product for a very long time, I could not tell figure out how real the real stuff actually was…and I liked it!  Does he really dislike Corey?  Do Cass and he have legitimate heat?  Is Enzo really this impossible in real life?  I doubt it but I don’t know…and I love that I don’t know.  A lot of the news outlets don’t know either.  They’re reporting that the beef between Cass and Enzo is real and that the words he said on Monday evening – all of them – were completely legitimate.  They’re ignoring the rather obvious work that Enzo was also doing.  Clearly, the other news outlets were having the same trouble I was…only their confusion is in print.  The only thing in print here is my justifiable confusion.

When WWE wants to blur the lines, they can do it.  This episode of “Straight to the Source” is undeniable proof of that.  In this “Age of the Internet”, it is quite difficult to pull things like this off.  Enzo isn’t what you’d call quiet on Twitter…ever.  When Cass got injured, he got on Twitter and worked everyone brilliantly.  It made the character look and just like it was supposed to.  When he came after Corey, they both did what they were supposed to do.  People got in their feelings about that too and that, too, worked brilliantly.

I guess my reason for doing this article is to point out how completely cool it is to be able to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the fireworks.  I want to be able to do this all the time.  I want to be fooled into thinking it’s all real…just like I was when I was a kid.  When Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes feuded, I honestly believed they hated each other.  When Rick Rude and Jake Roberts feuded and Jake’s wife was involved, I really believed they hated each other.  When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash debuted on WCW television, I believed that they weren’t supposed to be there.  Was I a completely sucker?  No, I wasn’t.  Was it just because I was young?  I don’t think that’s it either.  It was because the wrestling promotions in question knew so well how to blend real life with great writing to come up with situations that the audience would buy lock, stock, and barrel.  I’m confident that even if the internet had existed then, we’d still have bought a lot of that stuff.

That is what I miss.

I want to be “worked”.  I want to be worked so hard, I don’t know which end is up.  I want to be worked so hard that I get in my feelings over things like I used to.  I’m a passionate wrestling fan who wants to feel that passion whenever possible.  I want WWE to make me feel again…really feel.  WWE proved with the Enzo/Corey interview last night that they know how to do it.  I was all kinds of discombobulated last night and I reveled in it.  I want to reconnect with the 8-year old boy who ran to tell his mom when Michael Hayes was beating up on Jimmy Garvin.  Enzo/Corey gave me that last night so WWE hasn’t forgotten how to take me there.  Time will tell if they can do it again.  I only know now that I’m happy with what I got last night…and I’m grateful.