Austin Aries Returns to Impact Wrestling and Wins Championship

Along with the return of the four-sided ring, Austin Aries has officially returned to Impact Wrestling…and won it’s World Championship!  His win over Eli Drake will be televised on a future taping in the coming weeks.  Impact spoiled its own programming and you can read about it (here).

You might remember he had two previous runs there back in 2005 and again in 2011 that lasted for a couple of years each.  In that time, he was pretty successful, winning every title they offered – even winning the X-Division title 6 times!  He most recently spent time in WWE’s NXT and 205 Live.

Botch Take:  I saw this earlier today and hesitated covering it…until I realized the magnitude of what had actually taken place.  There are two things completely wrong here.  I’m puzzled as to why Aries would bother going back there.  It’s not secret that they aren’t in the best shape…yet he’s gone back.  One imagines that they’ve made him a very sweet deal.  If so, more power to him; get what you can, I say.

Second, and this is what made me cover the story, is that in a seemingly desperate move to get people interested in their product, Impact actually SPOILED ITS OWN PROGRAMMING.  It’s a truly bizarre tactic that won’t serve their purposes because nothing like this ever really works.