Undertaker Working Wrestlemania 34?

Speculation has been running wild the last few weeks that Undertaker will once again lace up the boots for Wrestlemania. This speculation only intensified when he was announced to appear on the Raw 25th-anniversary show and went into overdrive when reports broke that he was backstage at Smackdown this week.

The talk backstage at WWE is that he is not done wrestling and the announcers were instructed to never definitively say that he was retired. Only Roman Reigns has claimed that Taker retired after last year’s Mania. Taker is said to be feeling much better and is looking better than he did last year around this time where it was obvious in his botch-filled match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33 that he was working through significant pain.

If Undertaker is working Wrestlemania, the most obvious choice of opponent for him would be Roman Reigns all things considered. However, as Roman is most likely facing Brock Lesner for the Universal Championship, the rumor is Taker will face John Cena in New Orleans.

Authors Take: For my money, The Undertaker is the greatest performer in WWE’s entire history!  However, he was in pretty rough shape last year.  Also, given how perfect his send-off was – leaving his hat and coat in the ring after putting over Roman Reigns…I kind of wish he wasn’t coming back for one more match!