Mark Henry Officially Retires

As he has not had a match since last year’s “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal”, this likely isn’t a surprise.  Of course, wrestlers can’t go forever and at 46 years-old, his time has come.  He has spent the last few years putting over newer talent and making them matter.  He’s been with WWE since he transitioned from weightlifting in 1996 – giving him 21 years and change as an in-ring performer.

He has an autograph date scheduled for March 2nd in Waterbury, CT for Northeast Wrestling.

Botch Take:  Mark was always a solid performer who could get it done on the mic.  My favorite segment of his was during his feud with John Cena and his faux retirement speech.  He had us all hook, line, and sinker.  Genius stuff from an excellent performer.  He’ll be missed for sure.