Paige No Longer Able to Perform in the Ring (Updated with Video)

Sadly, Paige‘s in-ring career has come to an end.  You may remember that she had neck surgery back in 2016.  Sadly, that injury has come back to haunt her.  During an event in Long Island in December, Paige was unprepared for a kick to the back from Sasha Banks.  She went down and lost feeling in her extremities.  She managed to get back up and grab Sasha but she went right back down again and couldn’t get back up.  It turns out that she suffered a “stinger” and the match was stopped.  Have a look:

She underwent further testing and it was determined that she will no longer be able to compete in the ring for WWE.  This is an injury similar to what Edge experienced that also led to his premature retirement.  She was informed of WWE’s decision at this week’s “Raw” broadcast.  She will be relegated to a non-wrestling role and will, of course, be replaced in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Botch Take:  What a shame, but, honestly, not unexpected.  While she’s only 25 years-old, she’s been competing in the ring since she was just 13 years-old.  She has a permanent curvature of the spine as a result of all the bumps she’s taken.  Whatever comes of all of this, we all wish her nothing but the best going forward.

To a much lesser degree, I do wonder what will become of Absolution.  Will they get a fourth member and allow her remain its mouthpiece?  Will she be replaced altogether?  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.