Eddie Edwards Horrifically Injured at Impact Wrestling Taping (UPDATED)

Eddie Edwards has sustained a massive head injury in a match with Sami Callihan.  Eddie won the match and Sami attacked him.  He placed a folding chair over Edwards in the ring to strike him with a bat.  The bat bounced off of the chair and legitimately hit Eddie on the top of the head with some force.  Blood began pouring from Eddie’s head immediately and he was instantly rushed to the hospital.  He was able to walk away holding his head but the blood loss is considerable.  We will update this story as more information becomes available.

UPDATE:  Here’s the latest tweet from Eddie.  This tweet is from a couple of hours ago:

Botch Take:  I’m very nearly speechless.  What a complete disaster.  I can’t even begin to imagine how Sami is feeling right now.  He has absolutely zero history of anything like this.  It was clearly an honest mistake.  I’m hoping that, somehow, Eddie can completely recover and be okay in his life – never mind wrestling.

From Elizabeth:  It’s never a good thing when a worker is injured in a spot – especially when it is a spot that could have been prevented. No, I’m not saying Sami Callihan is at fault here, accidents happen and this was clearly inadvertent. However, this was also an unnecessary spot. Mixing implements is like mixing liquor and beer: it never goes well.  As for Eddie, I really hope him the best.  Head injuries, as I have harped on in the past, are nothing to sneeze at.  I still feel the effects of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) every day and the effects can take time to appear.  I can hope that he will be fine but he needs to take some time away and let himself feel out what this is going to do to him.  Hopefully, this won’t cut his career short.