Blue Light Special – Foreign Heel Ordered From K-Mart

I love that they pushed the match between Roode and Mahal being pushed up. Though it looked as though they had no clue what to do with this episode of SD, so they threw it in as the main event. Hopefully SD is better next week because if they continue like this, it’s going to be the longest Road To WrestleMania we’ve ever seen!



New Day on mic was great, as usual. They have solid catchphrases and know how to work the crowd. They are as over as ever, and really know what they’re doing out there. Then there’s Mahal.


The Botch Is Strong In This One!

Summer Rae is gone so Mahal is trying to take her place as the biggest botcher in the WWE? This match could have been a 4+ for the work Woods gave us in the ring, but Mahal ruined that.

So they give the W to the guy who has been an epic failure in the WWE? In the ring with Woods, someone who never gets the time in the ring as a singles competitor that he deserves. I love Big E to the top of the roster. The Royal Rumble Match would be nothing without Kofi and his intermittent Jamaican accent. Then there’s Woods who could have made it on his own, but New Day propelled him much quicker than he could have done on his own. He is well educated, well spoken, has one of the best superstar personalities out there, and he showed so much of that in this match, but still ended up going under Mahal, all because Woods is little and McMahon has a hard on for Mahal’s physique.


Lone Wolf?

When I hear Corbin calling himself the Lone Wolf I think of the show Laverne & Shirley. Lenny got a jacket and wanted ‘Lone Wolf’ on the back, but the person who made it didn’t put the L on the jacket. After picking on Lenny for this, Laverne put one of her signature Ls on his jacket for him. I spent so much time watching classic sitcoms when I was home from school sick, more often than not, and this was a favorite episode of a favorite show of mine. So, instead of seeing Corbin, I see Lenny with his receding hairline, bald spot, and a serious lack of any form of greatness.


This House!

This wasn’t AJ’s best moment on mic. He has been better with the scripting versus the winging it he did in TNA, but this was scripted to within an inch of its life. It came across really tight, as if AJ was a Muppet and had a hand up his… It just didn’t work for me.


F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s Feline Russian

I love that the women are getting their own Royal Rumble Match, and I want to hear promos from all of them, but stringing them together like this lessens them. Further, these were so over-scripted that they hurt.

All that being said, Tamina looked beautiful! We’ve not had a lot of just her face on camera talking, and she was stunning. I know I talk about makeup a lot, but when someone looks amazing, or horrible, and it’s something as simple as makeup, I have to say something. Tamina’s makeup was not just a traditional smokey eye, she had pinks, rust, and red in there that really made her look pop that much more. She has everything needed for a solid push, but she’s continued to be held back. Hopefully, things will turn around for her.

Lana, on the other hand, had on way too much makeup and it made her look a bit like a clown.


Mojo’s Roode Awakening

Finally! Roode has been struggling as a face on SD. It’s beyond time they turn him heel and let him run with that mean greatness he’s so wonderful at. Like Trip, he’s a solid face, but when he’s a heel he’s magical. It’s time for that Roode magic to be allowed to flow freely. I know, KO and Sami are the top heels on SD, and if Roode went heel he’d be right up there with them for reactions. Actually, thinking about it, normally I wouldn’t want to put someone who we know can be a top guy into a faction, but I see it working well for all three. Why not a bit of Team Canada? Not saying bring in DeMott, but image the three great Canadian heels running together? Just think about it and tell me what you think.

I was a little worried that Mojo might actually win this match, as the booking of Roode hasn’t been the greatest on SD. But, not only did Roode win this, but Mojo came out of it looking pretty good. He was all over Roode, and was a viable contender in this match. I would never have thought that Mojo could stand toe to toe with Roode, but this match was solid! Heck of a lot better than what Woods had to deal with in the opening match.


Voices In His Head?

I have to say that the Orton promo was interesting, but not great. The camera angle was interesting and added a lot to it, but it still didn’t help. I know Orton is supposed to be gritty and mysterious, the anti-hero, but this felt as though he was trying too hard. It’s strange, either Orton is being pushed down our throats, or he’s completely ineffectual and has no bearing on anything.


The Moderate Ruckus Patrol

Someone in the DD said that Becky working the ring with Liv made it look like Becky was working with a middle schooler. Someone else in the DD gave me the title for this match because the Riott Squad really hasn’t stood up to what they should have already done in the WWE. I truly want to see these three women running roughshod over SD the way Strowman ran roughshod over Raw Monday night. They have a great leader, great possibilities, but they’ve barely made a ripple in the lake.

I love what the women have done in the ring in the WWE, but the yelling is getting to be a bit much. Becky was the worst offender in this match, but a couple others were screechy as well, and it’s not a good thing. Men sometimes talk smack as they work the ring, but it’s only the women, and Jericho, who make a lot of loud noises that are not words. I really don’t get it, though it was Jericho who started to annoy me with his vocalizations in the ring many years ago.


Don’t Drink & Drive – Idiot!

I’m pretty much thinking that the Usos will drop the straps at Royal Rumble. I don’t know why he was drinking backstage before he left the arena, but it wasn’t smart, and I’ll be shocked if the WWE doesn’t slap them down for it. Sad part of being a team with your brother, you get grouped in with him, good or bad. I will admit that I’m quite disappointed in them because you just don’t do things like that, but especially in the middle of a solid push/run.


Nakamura’s Smile

See, they split up the men and their promos for the Royal Rumble Match, but the women were all strung together – ugh! Honestly, I didn’t understand much of what Nakamura said here, but his smile and attitude is infectious, so I can’t help but love it.


Fashion Files

No clue why Breeze is the one always dressing like a woman in these segments, but I loved his version of Renee here! What I don’t love is that I’m going to have to watch YouTbue for my Fashion Files fix. Personally, if they felt they needed to take it off SD, why not the WWE Network? Not all of their shows are a perfect hour or half hour, but they could make longer episodes too!

US Championship Smurf Match

I wish I could give this match a better grade, and it’s better than it deserved because Roode was the one strapped, but Backrash Mahal really brought the work-rate down. Like Woods, there was only so much that Roode could do to make this match not look horrible.

More than ethnicity and build, I truly have no clue why Mahal is in the WWE. He’s proven that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a top guy, and surely should be in any Championship matches against anyone, for any of the Championships. The whole thing is just a mess, and the worst part is that I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.

And then there’s Bobby Roode! I’m thrilled that they pulled the pin and strapped him on SD. It’s the first step to greater things for him, but now they need to turn him heel. If Roode was heel, he’d be unstoppable on SD. Just think of the matches between Roode and AJ! They work so well together that it’s an obvious direction for him to run in after he turns heel.


Final Flush

I have to say that I’m glad this isn’t the go-home to the Royal Rumble because this episode was a total crap. The opening segment was fun, but New Day almost always delivers and delivers well. The rest of the show floundered and showed that either someone dropped the ball, or they just didn’t have the people or creative to put on a great show. Thrilled at Roode’s win, but them moving the match between Roode and Mahal to this episode made it feel as though they had to fill the episode and didn’t know what to do. I’m glad the tourney is over, because it wasn’t very good all the way around, and the most obvious person from the start won. Now that’s over and we need to focus on the Royal Rumble. Hopefully, next week will be better.

Queen KB