Former WWE Superstar And Impact Champion Already Checked Into Performance Center

With so many superstars returning to the WWE for the 25th Anniversary of Raw, and the Royal Rumble only six days later, there are questions about who might show up in the WWE, and how long they will be around.  While most of the superstars advertised for the 25th Anniversary are only scheduled for that episode of Raw, there are questions about others being surprise entrants in the Royal Rumbles.


Michael Hutter, otherwise known as Derrick Bateman and EC3 (Ethan Carter III) is no longer with Impact Wrestling and has been seen this week at the WWE Performance Center.  Further, Hutter was smart in his previous dealings in that he owns the name EC3, so there’s a possibility that he could debut with that name in Philadelphia in the Royal Rumble Match.


Queen’s Decree – I have to say that I’m thrilled Hutter is coming back to the WWE.  I liked him, including his daft, and sometimes stupid promos and characters they saddled him with before he left the WWE.  As EC3 at Impact, he really made a huge splash and worked with a great number of fantastic wrestlers, absolutely proving his worth, many of which are already on the WWE roster.  There’s rumor, one I hope is true, that he will be fast-tracked to the main roster, skipping over NXT.  He spent time within NXT, in its previous incarnation as well as what it has become early on.  I’m truly hoping that Hutter comes up to SmackDown without NXT time because I know he is more than able to carry his own on the main roster.