If You Wanna See A Cuppa Good Fellas…

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one yet again with another somewhat shortened entry in “The Pickup” diaries due to the Mixed Match Challenge beginning right after “Smackdown” last night.  As a result, “205 Live” got the short end of the stick and was only thirty minutes long this week.  Anyway, let’s begin, shall we?


TJP vs. Gran Metalik

TJPs entrance is slightly tweaked.  He doesn’t “dab” anymore.  He did some little “b-boy” move, threw it away, and gave us the “I’m great, love me” vibe.  I like it!  The “dab” is getting seriously played so it’s nice to see that he isn’t doing it anymore.  He’s been very heel-ish in the ring so he’s nailing that.  Gran Metalik, while not having an interesting identity on-screen, is always fun to watch in the ring.  There is an “UpUpDownDown” episode on-line that gives us a little insight into both Sin Cara and Gran Metalik.  You can view it (here).

Of course, the ring work is always fun – regardless of who’s in there and this was no exception.  TJP has added some mercilessness to his ring vocabulary that I like too.  The straightjacket looked particularly nice here.  He did both badly when he went after Metalik in the Tree of Woe and was supposed to slide into the ring post in an…ahem…compromising position but slid to a stop too fast and sold it anyway.  Oops and all that.  In the end, this now makes two weeks that TJP has lost to Gran Metalik.  Given the damage he caused after their match last week, I was surprised not to see more this week.  He just kind purposefully marched to the back.  I’m interested in where this is going.


Backstage segment – TJP

We get some damage and then the quick attempted interview.  “I’m sorry, TJP, but were you crying”?  What???


Backstage segment – “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

The cold, calculated way Gallagher cuts a promo is just genius.  This is Jake Roberts stuff right here.  I likes!  He was tempered, patient, and most of all, threatening.  This is how you cut a promo, kids.  Nothing more could be asked of this.  Since Hideo can’t cut a promo to save his life, this is all on Jack and he’s KILLING it!


Cedric Alexander, Goldust, and the Zo train

I love Cedric but I HATE his theme song.  It’s completely vanilla and not engaging in the least bit.  Goldust’s jacket looks especially foreboding now with the spikes coming out of it.  Goldust, when he’s really on, is brilliant and he was on this night.  Cedric was having more fun than should be allowed.  He’s working with an idol of his and the way he looks at Goldust is beyond cool.  Sadly, Cedric recites his lines like a robot.

Enzo comes out and the energy level went up nicely.  There are fewer people chanting along with him and, as Dre said in “The Getback” this week, it really does appear that Enzo’s buzz is dying down.  Watching Enzo and Goldust go at it was interesting.  Their styles of promo couldn’t be more different and it doesn’t really work.    I can’t even deal with Gulak’s hat.  It was absolutely the funniest thing about this segment.  Randy Orton took a pic of it earlier in the day and posted it on Twitter.


Goldust vs. Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, and Tony Nese

Vic Joseph referred to Goldust as an ageless wonder and it’s true.   How he manages to keep going like this at 48 is incredibly impressive.  Of course, this match wasn’t impossibly fast but he hung beautifully with them.

To be honest, I’m not feeling that Goldust took the victory.  It sends the wrong message in that three 205 Live guys aren’t worth one regular competitor.  That’s not the message we need to be seeing heading into the ill-advised “205 Live” house show tour.  There really was no reason to do it either.

A completely bizarre way to end this shortened episode of “205 Live”.  See you all next week for another edition of “The Pickup”!