The Royal Rumble Debate

Backstage this past Wednesday.  Time:  7:30pm or so…as it occurred.



Sir Mitch – Unsubstantiated reports going out that Ronda Rousey has officially signed with WWE!  Looking for more solid info now.


Botch –   Shocker!  😂😂  This was gonna happen.


Kendra – I’m going to be pissed if she wins the RR!


Botch – Same.  It would put her in a WILDLY unenviable position.


Dre – Be prepared to be pissed because I think it’s gonna happen


Kendra – This huge, wonderful roster.  She can be in it, get the pop, then tossed out.


Botch – It’ll be like Bootista and Bryan…only worse.


Sir Mitch – We all knew that…I’m just waiting more concrete before I post about it!


Botch – Agreed totally.


Kendra – The thing is that if it was the first, I would be this cranky about it.


Botch – Oh, I would be…but I’m a silly mark. 😂


Sir Mitch – The way I figure it, Roman will win teh men’s so they’ll need a fan favorite who’s been in WWE a while to win the Women’s.  Becky Lynch comes to mind!


Kendra – As am I.  When I’m not too jaded.


Sir Mitch – This way they avoid fan backlash becoming a fan riot.


Botch – Becky has been done no favors lately.  I love her but she’s made no waves lately, really.  I’m thinking that NO ONE.  IS READY.  FOR ASUKA!!!


Sir Mitch – If Raw wins the Men’s SD will win the Women’s.


Dre – Roman ain’t winning.  It’s gonna be Balor or Bryan.   Roman will win EC.  Unfortunately, I think Ronda or Stephanie winning the Women’s Rumble.


Botch – I hope Bryan doesn’t come anywhere near it.  I worry about his health.  I could get with Nakamura or Asuka.  That’d be fun.


Dre – Try but at the end of the day Bryan has to do what he feels is best for im.


Sir Mitch – SD Guy won last year and EC was a SD show the month after.  It will be Roman!  Vince wants it…logic and rabid Philly crowd be damned.


Dre – I think you want it just so you can be miserable which I think you’re happier when you’re miserable lol


Botch – Asuka hasn’t been dominant yet.  At RR, she could finally become dominant like she was in NXT.  They’ve talked about her dominance without really showing it yet.


Sir Mitch – Yes, which is why everyone thinks Roman won’t win Rumble but EC instead.


Dre – I’ve finally figured Mitchell and the rest of the IWC out.  The IWC wouldn’t exist if everybody was happy, it thrives on misery and anger.


Botch – LOL!!!!  I’d really rather NOT have an axe to grind.  I didn’t used to.  I’m not the IWC as a whole but…


Mitch – You wish, Dre


Dre – Go ahead, Botch, finish your statement lol.


Botch – Besides, Mitch’s abiding and unconditional love for Roman Reigns is quite well-known.


Botch – Okay, bro, you may very well be right.


Dre – Lol


Botch – If he’d just shut up about his love for Roman and the New Day, I’d be a much happier man.


Kendra – I have to pull out my white board before I even get in this discussion lol.


Sir Mitch – I call them like I see them mate!  It would make WAY more sense for Naka to win Rumble and Roman to win EC…but WWE RARELY goes with the option that makes sense do they.  If they did the hashtag #WWELogic wouldn’t be a thing. 😂


Dre – IWC stands for I Will Complain.  You take away the IWC’s ability to complain it loses its direction and without direction there is no purpose and without purpose there is no reason to exist.


Botch – WWE is out to mainly please the casual fan….at times ONLY the casual fan.


Botch – LOL!!!!@ Dre.  Jewels…all the jewels right now…


Dre – 


Sir Mitch – Hence, why NJPW is growing…they are targeting the more then casual fans who feel neglected all the time!


Botch – Here we go…LOL!!


Dre – I feel a Petty Dre article coming on very soon


Botch – I think they should be paying Mitch for all the promo at this point.  LOL!!!


Sir Mitch – Do it after Rumble when Roman wins and I get Tucker to honor his debt.


Botch – #PettyDre cannot be calculated or placed on a time table.  #PettyDre cannot be reigned in.  It just…is.  It’s a feeling – a state of mind…LOL!!!




So what do you think.  Sound off below in the comment’s section!