25th Anniversary Raw Garners Big Ratings

The WWE had high hopes for the 25th Anniversary Raw.  It wasn’t going up against Monday Night Football, or any other big sporting event, and they advertised the show much more than they normally do.  Last week Raw garnered 3.25 million viewers, and that’s up from 2.76 million on January 8th.

We have broken down the hours for you here:

Hour one: 4.80 million
Hour two: 4.64 million
Hour three: 4.14 million

That means the 25th Anniversary Raw show drew 4.53 million viewers for all three hours.  This is the highest Raw has earned since 2014!


Queen’s Decree – While there was a large drop through the hours, they retained over four million viewers through the entire show, and I think that’s bloody great!  I have to admit that the show wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be, but some of the moments did blow me away – specifically DX and The Balor Club.  As the ratings have been growing week by week, heading for the Royal Rumble, and then WM, I’m hoping this is the upswing the WWE needs going forward.  That being said, I’m sure there were many who tuned in just for the nostalgia of the show, and I worry that that number is higher than we’d all like it to be.  I know it would take a lot for pro wrestling and the WWE to go into another heyday, the way they were during the Monday Night War, but I’m always hoping that lightning will strike again and wrestling fans will get so much more than what we’ve gotten the past fifteen years or so.