Carmella & Big E. vs. The Miz and Asuka

LOVE watching them coming out with tiny MITB briefcases.  Carmella has really been a revelation with the Twitter vids they’ve been doing.  She’s shown a phenomenal sense of humor in each one of them.  We already knew the New Day were a riot but it turns out Carmella is too.

Miz and Asuka are fun together too.  Asuka has made Miz more fun too.  Their videos have been shorter but every bit as cool.  I highly suggest you check them out if you haven’t.  Also have to add that seeing Big E. put pancakes on top of Corey’s incredibly stiff hair was a riot too!

Now to the match.  I love the abdominal stretch anyway but watching Big E. do the “New Day Rocks” tune on Miz’s abs is true perfection.  I loved the “We Want Asuka” chants shortly thereafter and the way Miz and Asuka responded to them.  Love seeing more personality from both of these incredibly talented ladies.  When Big E. grabbed the foam “L” for Carmella to hand to Asuka, I was completely dead.  Asuka’s response to it destroyed me.

All told, these matches are largely about showing the personalities involved in them.  We weren’t gonna get 5-star matches here.  Still, this was better than it needed to be – a lot better.  The ref botch tho!  He said, quite loudly, “Asuka’s going over”…and that’s exactly what happened.  Too funny.  Oh well.  Again, not a real match so no biggie.

The interview at the end was too fun.  Asuka is completely over the top – just like Shinsuke is.  During the whole time Miz was talking, Renee continued to react.  The other interviewers could learn a thing or twelve from her.

All in all much fun.