Daniel Bryan Makes Interesting Announcement About Smackdown

Daniel Bryan has announced on Twitter that they are trying something new with Smackdown. They are basically creating a top ten list of those deserving a push, and chances at championships.

“The superstars of SmackDown Live will vote on who they think is the most deserving of future opportunities. Criteria includes most talented, locker-room leadership, and who has the most athletic skill on the roster.

Now there’s a couple of ground rules for this process. The most important rule is simple. Neither Shane McMahon or myself will have a vote. This isn’t about us, this is about the SmackDown locker room having their voices heard.

The other rule is probably obvious, but just so we’re clear, superstars cannot vote for themselves.”

Queen’s Decree – I’m really interested in seeing how this works out. My hubby was not a wrestling fan before we got together, but after almost ten years he really enjoys most of it. The thing that bothers him the most is that the championships really mean little in the grand scheme of things. I see where he’s coming from, and most of the time I’ve not had an issue with who was champion – until recently. If this isn’t a work, we should never see Mahal in the main event again, but that still leaves Raw and that champion they have over there.