Glenn Jacobs For Mayor, But Still A Wrestler

Glenn Jacobs has posted on his official Twitter and Facebook that he’s holding a couple events leading up to the election.  One is a meet and greet with Kane and Undertaker on March 1st.  The second event listed for February 16th will have Jericho interviewing Jacobs for a special episode of his podcast.

There are special combo and VIP packages.



Queen’s Decree – I have to admit that I was laughing aloud as I typed the above news.  I love Kane and Taker, so it would be worth attending if it was close, but personally, I’d never vote for Jacobs for anything but the WWE Hall of Fame!  But this is a wrestling site, not a political site.  That being said, if anyone reading this is planning on attending, I’d love to know what happens and what you saw there.