Jeremy Borash Leaves Impact Wrestling And Signs With WWE?

Jeremy Borash has given notice to Impact Wrestling and he has been hired by WWE according to multiple reports.  This would be a huge loss for Impact Wrestling because he was a jack of all trades for them on-air and behind the scenes.

Borash was, apparently, backstage over the weekend in Philadelphia and was telling people that he was just there to visit with friends.  Something must have changed because the word backstage at Monday Night Raw was that he was hired by WWE.

Borash was doing work for Impact as late as last Friday as he was at the production office doing voiceover work and he was at the House of Hardcore show because some of those matches will be shown on Impact television due to Impact co-promoting with Tommy Dreamer for a long-term angle.

This is one of the most shocking departures considering that he’s been with the company since they opened their doors in 2002.  Borash got his start in the business during the final years of WCW as part of the WCW Live internet radio show.

In recent months, he has taken over as the lead commentator on Impact Wrestling’s weekly TV show on Pop TV and there had been some talk of announcing changes with Borash as the lead announcer.  That will obviously have to be re-evaluated now that Borash is no longer with them.