Jeremy Borash’s Assignment in WWE

We’re hearing that Borash has been assigned to work with its “NXT” division.  He was seen at “TakeOver:  Philadelphia” before the news officially broke.  He’ll likely begin work with them during this week’s tapings.

Also of note is that he isn’t really being tased to work with Matt Hardy on the “Woken Universe” gimmick he greatly helped with in TNA.  He could still be used to help craft it, however, along with his new responsibilities in “NXT” which will likely center on the social media aspects of the brand.  He did the same with both AAA and TNA/Impact/GFW.

Botch Take:  When the news broke that Borash had officially left the Impact entity, I was quite surprised.  Many were.  He’s been with the company since it began in 2002 so for him to leave is quite the sea change.  Impact really hasn’t had much going for it…well…ever, really, but this is one defection that they absolutely should NOT have let happen.  Of all the defections (and there have been many), this may turn out to be the very worst.  He was really their only link to anything remotely cohesive in terms of creativity – the area in which Impact is the most sorely lacking.  “NXT”, on the other hand, has made one heck of an acquisition and I’m excited to see Borash’s effects on “NXT”.

I’m also hopeful that he’ll be able to have some influence on Matt Hardy’s gimmick.  I loved it in TNA but it’s been pretty tepid in WWE thus far.  It’s really just been reduced to a fun laugh.  Nothing more has come of it and in order for it to work, it definitely needs more.  Maybe Borash can help make that happen.