Your Ego Is As Big As Your Father’s

I want to add a bit of a disclaimer to this episode of The Royal Flush. I had a long and busy weekend, made it through the Royal Rumble, and then I was down for the count. I was up and functioning for SmackDown, but I guess I was still in a rough mood because what I wrote during the show was harsher than my norm. Now, I am who I am, and I wrote most of this during the show, and it’s what I was thinking at the time, so I’ve decided to leave it and not re-write the whole thing to make it nicer than I actually felt at the time. I honestly didn’t notice it until the end of the show and left the main event to be written on Wednesday.


Knee To Face

I love it when a superstar rattles off names and the fans react with honesty. Cena and Reigns really caught some heat from the fans here. I have to say I’ve been wondering how they were going to push Nakamura between now and WrestleMania, and his English isn’t the best. But they keep throwing people at him, like KO and Sami, and then AJ, he will be great on the Road To WrestleMania.


Cranky & Whiny

KO and Sami are so much fun with Bryan. They love him, they hate him, they don’t get what they want, but Bryan isn’t Shane, so it’s okay. Sorta.


4 Way, But Not Very Fatal

What a strange group for a Fatal Four Way match! When was the last time we saw Ryder without Mojo? And why Kofi over Big E, or Woods? Mahal, of all people! I’m thrilled Rusev won, but now they need to have a double turn and I think the fans will be that much happier. Rusev is comedy gold, and Roode is one of the best heels in the company. This one is pushing my buttons in a huge way. There’s no way Roode should be a face right now.



Maybe I’m too old. Maybe I don’t know enough slang because I live in Maine and most slang takes a couple years to get here. Whatever it is, I didn’t get what they were saying. Sorry.


Fashion Files

Well, I wasn’t expecting Benjamin and Gable to show up, but I think it kind of liked that segment. I’ve been saying we haven’t seen enough of Breezango in the ring, so this could be fun. I hope.


Oose, Oh?

The only reason I’m not completely trashing this is because I’m always calling for them to try different things on the shows, and this was different. Not sure I liked it, but it was worth a try, and might become a thing. It’s not my speed, but as I said, maybe it’s because I’m old.

As soon as they said brothers in their segment it was obvious that they’d be feuding with Harper and Rowan. The problem I have is that I see no real reason behind them feuding, other than the BBs haven’t messed with the Usos lately, and they take it negatively that no one can stand up to the Usos. Honestly, unless they add more, that’s not enough to carry a solid feud! That’s Creative laziness!


Steampunk Vikings Destroy More Jobbers

Okay, so Harper and Rowan are going to work with the Usos, but first more jobbers? That’s really daft and not at all cool. Just not the unstoppable team you want to face your tag team champs. Makes me feel like it’s 1993 all over again!


Top 10 List

I know it’s of the time having Bryan holding his phone recording this, but this is the WWE, use the big cameras! That being said, I’m excited to see where this top ten list goes. I truly hope it’s more than a work and we see different people being pushed in different directions.


Shane Is Emasculated

Tye was really boring here, but Corbin really got in Shane’s face. It was nice to see some solid fire from Corbin, but that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. I need more from both of those guys before I can really care. Much more of that from Corbin could be a great thing, but he runs so hot and cold, and not in a good way. But he was solid here!


Impossibly Unoriginal

Ruby makes me wish my docs would let me get more tattoos. It makes me sad when I see women like Ruby who rock her tats so wonderfully. Charlotte was solid on mic, but Ruby made me really feel it. Well, until Charlotte’s jacket came off and she was ready to fight. Didn’t last long, but it worked briefly. I love Sara’s move on Charlotte! That was interesting! All three moves were solid, and Ruby’s was great, but Sara’s was so different, I kinda like it.



I loved this segment with Carmella. She was all in until she wasn’t. It was a great not-cashing! Carmella sold it wonderfully. The look of fear on her face when Charlotte got up sneering at her was great.

Now, I have to address the elephant in the room. It’s never a good look to have your nylons/tights/pantyhose/leggings popping up out of your waistband. They make all these things in a very low rise these days – unlike the 80s – and we should never have to see the waistband of your undergarments again. Now, Lita was totally different, she matched her thongs to her tops and it was a statement. Carmella just looks cheap and kinda gross that way. I know some don’t like her one-piece outfits, but they were so much better than her waistband showing! (Obviously, the grade is for the segment, not for what Carmella was wearing.


His English Keeps Getting Better

I truly loved that segment. Watching him RIB AJ, ever so briefly, worked perfectly. I love when we get to see moments like that. It almost seems like a bit of the man behind the character. If he didn’t have a great sense of humor, that segment wouldn’t have worked at all. I feel like I’ve been down and out longer than I have, but this segment gave me my first truly honest wide smile in days! Very cool.


Miss MITB, again!

Carmella lost all the greatness she had in the ring by the time she made it backstage to talk to Renee. It’s like all the beauty, passion, and face she gave in the ring completely left her body, like adrenaline, and she fell really flat.


10 vs Balding Hipster

I have to say that I wanted to like this match. I really did. Every once in a while Corbin gives me a reason to be excited, like earlier in the show, but then he’s back to where he was. I want to like Corbin. I want to love to hate him. Instead, I’m annoyed and apathetic much of the time. I don’t know what he can do to change this, but personally, I just don’t feel it.

Then there’s Tye. I liked what I saw from him in NXT, which was, admittedly, not much, but I thought he had talent and a character to run with. Now he’s nothing. We haven’t seen him much, and when we do, he’s lost all the momentum and energy he had when he came up. Honestly, I don’t know what they should do with him. He’s too big for the CW Division, but not a big unstoppable force. He’s kind of stuck at the moment, and I hope he doesn’t end up in broski purgatory.


Rusev Day & Glorious

I love Rusev and English together! They are the unexpected team that works so beautifully, making them more than the sum of their parts.

Then there’s Roode, who is so great, no matter what he’s doing, but he always has that bit of heel. They really need to do a double turn in the match between them.


Dissension Between Besties?

I love the work between these two. Brings me back to HBK and Trip and how great they were, no matter what they were doing, as long as they were together. I can say the same about Hall and Nash, but Hall’s demons made it harder to see, and it looked more like Nash carrying his bestie much of the time. I know there are a lot of really close friends backstage, but a friendship like this is something to be cherished.


More Dissension?

What a match! Only made that much better by the issues between KO and Sami as they exploded in the ring. This match was fantastic, as any match with any, or all, of these four guys in it, should be. Add in what will be growing interest and tensions between AJ and Nakamura, and the growing issues between KO and Sami. KO and Sami played this further than I thought possible, and it was so much greatness. This is one of those matches that you just need to see to understand how much fun it was.


Sami Is On Like Donkey Kong!

I love Sami as the underdog, and even as a heel, he’s a member of the great unwashed. He was seething! He was spitting out his words. He was downright livid. Sami sold every tiny bit of his ire, and we felt all of it. He touched us all differently, but anyone not touched by his emotion is either lying or have had everything in their lives go right for them.

I truly hope that KO comes around, realizes that they (either Bryan, or Shane through Bryan) are trying to drive a wedge between them, and forge their friendship stronger, but that will have to wait until after they face each other next week.


Final Flush

I’m sorry that this is so late. I wanted it up almost twelve hours ago, but my computer has been complaining at me and not doing the basic things it needs to do. So I’m going to sign off here, but I’d love to know what you think of SD this week, and why? Later days!

Queen KB