Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks at WrestleMania?

Backstage…8am on Thursday morning…

Botch:  So I’m guessing we’re getting Rousey/Banks for WrestleMania?

Sir Mitch:  Not sure! There are currently half a dozen rumours on who she’s facing. My money is still on some kind of horsewomen vs horsewomen angle. Even if it’s just a one on one match with the other Women at ringside!

Botch:  Sasha got on Ray’s podcast and was likely working when she said “If I don’t have something nice to say, I don’t say it”. I was just watching the Coach’s periscope show and he posited that Sasha gave it all two nights in a row only to be upstaged by Ronda. She’s got motivation in spades.

Sir Mitch:  I posted about the Ray podcast, so I see where you’re coming from! It’s a great story, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to include the Horsewomen thing. Wasted opportunity if they don’t!

Botch:  It’s possible she was doing a Ziggler thing but I kinda doubt it.  She has to know the consequences.

Botch:  Yeah but Ronda is the biggest star by a long shot

Sir Mitch: You do remember that she has a bit of an ego, right?

Botch:  Do we have any real proof of said ego though?  I’m honestly asking.

Botch:  It’s like a Brock thing.  What we’d like to see versus what will put eyeballs on the product often have little to do with each other.

Botch:  I’ve heard it said that Sasha has an ego but seen no real proof of it.  Do you know of some?

Sir Mitch:  She’s made numerous comments in interviews that made her look like she thinks she’s above interacting with fans and she’s always been bragy about her work as well. It tieters over the line of self-confidence and pride in ones work towards arrogance!

Botch:  She may be doing that on purpose. It’s likely all just work. Hard to know without seeing it. Just my hunch. Plus, if she is feeling her own ring work, she should. She’s that good.  Interviews are work and should be treated as such if the worker is smart enough to do it.  Ray does it ALL the time.

Sir Mitch:  But most of today’s talents don’t do that these days!

Botch:  They really oughta. It’s much more fun. I like it when I can’t tell. Sasha has always had an edge. It comes off everywhere..just like it should.

Botch:  That said, I do enjoy UpUpDownDown when I can see who they really are. So duplicitous, aren’t I? LOL!!!

…and off into other directions…


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