Spoiler: Ricochet Makes NXT Debut, Keeps His Name!

NXT recently pulled in a few huge signees in Trevor “Ricochet” Mann, War Machine, and Candice LeRae. There was some worry that WWE might switch up some of their names, especially Ricochet.

WWE often changes a Superstar’s name when they come in but Ricochet has spent years creating name value for the Ricochet brand, and it looks like NXT might be letting him keep his name.

During the second night of television tapings at Atlanta’s Center Stage this week Ricochet made his debut, and as you can see by the screen behind him, it certainly appears Ricochet will be keeping his name which is a great thing for both him and WWE.

Ricochet defeated Fabian Aichner in about six minutes during his first match for NXT and from the looks of things the Atlanta crowd was very happy to see him work. Let’s hope Ricochet hits the road with the NXT brand very soon.