Cody vs. Kenny At Supercard Of Honor

If you guys watch Bullet Club’s Hillarious YouTube series “Being The Elite” you would have seen a lot more of the backstory between the Cody/Kenny Omega feud that has splintered the group on New Japan and ROH programming. And If you had watched this week’s episode you would have learned three shocking facts:

  1. Brandi Is A Great Skier.
  2. Marty Scrull is an Avril Lavigne fan (“Shudder”)
  3. Cody vs. Kenny Omega will be the main event for ROH’s Supercard Of Honor iPPV during Wrestlemania weekend!

Ring Of Honor soon made it official via an announcement on their website, so it looks like NXT Takeover: New Orleans will have some stiff competition during Wrestlemania weekend!

Sir Mitch Says: We all knew this was coming, and you have to imagine whoever goes over in New Orleans will be declared the true leader of the Bullet Club Stable!