Big Show Suffering from Complications from Hip Surgery

Back in September of 2017, Big Show went under the knife for hip surgery.  Sadly, things have not gone well as he’s contracted an infection at the surgery site.  He had this to say to “Busted Open” radio concerning his current health status:

“I’ve been really quiet with what’s been going on with me. I’ve had a hip resurfacing surgery in September. The surgery went really well. I got home and after 3 and a half weeks I was walking a mile. Things started to feel good, then I got a fever. I found out I had a surgical infection. The more I find out about these metal implants, it’s quite high to get an infection. I just got the unlucky draw. The hospital I had it done in New York is one of the top in the world for least amount of surgical infections. They had to open me up again, take it out, clean it, flush it, etc. If the infection had got any worse, they would have to cut the metal pieces out, put in what they call a cement joint for 3 months and then do a full on hip replacement, which would have ended my career. Instead, we got a very aggressive cleaning down here in Florida.

“I got a thing called a PICC line, which is basically an IV line from my left arm to my heart. For 7 weeks, I was walking around with an IV bag, 3 times a day, total of 8 hours a day. It was almost like having a small baby in the house because you only got 3-4 hours of sleep before you had to change the medicine. It was very stressful because I couldn’t go to the gym or do anything. I couldn’t get my blood pressure up, I couldn’t do anything physical. It was pretty difficult. We finally pulled the PICC line out on January 2nd. Things right now are touch and go for another 6-8 months. The more I learned about infections, the more I learn that they are very aggressive and adapt to certain medicines. The main thing we tried to do was keep the infection off the metal plate. Once bacteria gets on that metal plate, you can’t get it off.”

“We’ve done everything we could. I dropped 27 pounds since January 2nd and I’m back in the gym feeling right.”

As a child, Big Show was diagnosed with Acromegaly (gigantism).  It’s the same disease Andre the Giant suffered from.  He had surgery to remove the growth from his pituitary gland years ago which stopped the progression of the disease.  Because of his enormous size, hip surgery would be a natural progression as the aging process continues.


Botch Take:  Poor Show.  Hip surgeries are difficult for someone his size but it’s nice to see that he’s got the infection under control.  We, of course, wish him all the best in his recovery efforts.