Jason Jordan’s Wife Speaks About His Injury (UPDATE)

April Everhart, wife of WWE star Jason Jordan (real name:  Nathan Everhart) sent out an Instagram status concerning her husband’s neck injury. Here’s what she had to say:

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We reported on far more serious injuries (here) so we’re glad to hear that his injury isn’t as serious as first thought.  Here’s hoping Jason has a speedy recovery and returns to the ring as fast as possible.

UPDATE:  From WWE’s doctor as posted on WWE.com:  “He had an injury to a disc in his neck which resulted in significant pain that was refractory to all conservative measures,” WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon said. “It was decided to do a minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve, to allow it to heal.”

Further verbiage from WWE.com:

“The procedure Jordan underwent is called a minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy. It is not known just how long Jordan will be out of action”


Botch Take:  The timing of this couldn’t possibly be worse.  Who knows how long this will put him out.  It’s hard to make these two messages jibe with one another so I won’t try to.  We here at WR which him the best in his recovery efforts.