“205 Live” is in New Hands

As suspected, Vince McMahon has released the reigns of ‘205 Live” and now it is entirely the domain of Triple H.  The word is that he took over 2 weeks ago.  Given that the show seemingly has a more streamlined feel, it’s pretty clear that a change backstage has taken place.  Jonathan Baeckstrom is now the lead writer and Adam Pearce is the lead Producer.

It’s no secret that the show itself has struggled to find an audience since it debuted back in November of 2016.  It has consistently been the lowest-rated wrestling show on the network and while things have no gone smoothly, the matches have always been good.  We’ll see where this new direction takes them.

Botch Take:  Okay…  I’m of two minds about this.  First of all, the show absolutely needed a change.  Enzo’s exit left a gaping hole and it needed filling.  What better way than to reboot the whole thing?  They brought in Drake, retooled the show to feature 95% matches with no stories, and hope for the best.  My issue with this is that storytelling ISN’T BAD.  Why it is that the word “story” is treated like a “four letter word”?  I’ll never understand that. The ROH and NJPW fanboys consistently claim those products are better because of almost no storytelling.  I don’t think that’s the case at all.  Here’s my point:  if you don’t give me a reason to care, I won’t.  I can’t just watch people get in the ring, have a great match, and be invested.  I need A REASON to care.  Why are these two in the ring together?  What is their motivation for going at each other?  What is their reward?  Of course, right now, the carrot is the Cruiserweight title and that’ll work for a while but when that’s decided, where to then?  In order to make me care, these guys are going to have to learn to cut promos.  Most of them can’t and that’s bad.  Cedric Alexander, in particular, while being incredible in the ring, can’t do it to save his life.  He’s not getting any better and I’ve lost hope that he can improve.  Maybe he can prove me wrong down the line but I doubt it.  Others are equally uninteresting.  Why are they not working on that?  That would be an interesting change they could make.  The matches have ALWAYS been well-worked.

I’m more than willing to hang on and wait to see what happens, of course.  This direction is new and I promise to give it time.