Aren’t They Sick Of Stale Pancakes?

I’m going to jump right into The Royal Flush this week as we are getting beaten down with heavy snow and I’d rather get this posted before any possible power loss. Make sure you stay warm and dry, no matter where you are.


Honesty Hurts

The passion in the ring to start the show was huge. I feel so bad for Bryan being so close to his love, but unable to participate. I’m not sure I could do it. Actually, I think I’ve proven that I cannot not participate. I went a couple months without writing about wrestling before opening WR. I felt wrong not writing about wrestling for that long, and here I am doing just that. I started doing this to have something on my writing resume because I was told to write what I know. Here I am, almost exactly 15 years later, and it feels wrong when I don’t write about wrestling.

Rusev Day chants stole the segment, and Shane said they listen to the fans, well, open your ears!

As per usual, AJ was great in this segment. He told it like it is, and made the scripting come over that much better than him winging it used to be!


Simple, To The Point

I love Nakamura and how he handles himself on mic.


Liv Has Flair?

I have to say that Liv was better in this match than I expected. She’s floppy in the ring, in the great way Lita was always floppy in the ring. And, along with Mitch, I love that Liv is less bubblegum in her look and dress, but has stayed very much her. It’s great for her. Now, how to convince Charlotte that her ring gear doesn’t fit her well or look at all good on her lately!

Ruby and Sarah both sold their ire at being tossed out beautifully. They were both very in their own characters, and sold it wonderfully!


Thems Fighting Words!

I love KO. He is so over as a heel and has been for a very long time. He’s so great, and the WWE really screwed up not bringing him in much, much sooner.



This was a better promo than last week, by a long shot. They really have proven themselves on mic. This segment was solid, and I actually understood what they were saying, and why. In fact, I rather enjoyed this segment from the Usos.


SD’s Top 10 List

I have been wondering how this first Top 10 would look, and I have to say that the fans in attendance were not at all impressed with most of the list, and I don’t blame them. It felt really lame, and somewhat crap. I was hoping it was going to be more than a work, but now I’m worried. Though I love that Naomi got so much pop here!


Rusev Day!

This match was strong and made stronger by the three RKOs outta nowhere after the match was over. Actually, I love both Roode and Rusev, and so I was expecting a lot of greatness in this match, but it didn’t hold my attention the way I was hoping it would. I found myself surfing Amazon for a ‘Queen’ shirt to wear in some selfies and our next video cast, rather than watching the match. I think that’s kinda the kiss of death for a match. It was a strong match, just not as strong as it should have been for me.


Shelty & Cat Ears

Okay, so the title of this match has more to do with me and Shelton than the actual match! As I explained in the SD DD, about thirteen years ago I took my daughter Ellie to a WWE show in Portland after school one Friday. I told her I didn’t have the money, but I pulled it together and took her for her 18th birthday. There was a period of time, about ten years, where I wore cat ears every day. Now, looking back, I realize what a trend setter I was, and how much guff I caught from haters. Actually, I live within my own trends and care little about what’s going on in fashion lately – as long as I can get any clothing I really want in pink, I’m good. Anyway, after the show, Shelty was outside signing and shaking hands. I didn’t have anything to have signed, so I handed him my cat ears. He really thought I’d lost my mind, but he signed them! I’d lost this pair of cat ears for a couple years, finding them a couple days ago, and I’ve been wearing them since. Forgot how comfortable they are, and how they keep my hair out of my face!

So yeah, nothing about the match. I will say they look great in matching ring gear, but otherwise, this was a nothing of a match.


New Day Rocks!

I love Woods’ Burr 1800 shirt! Very, very clever shirt on a very smart man. And Kofi, he’s so obviously a Dad!


Dancing Man Steals My Heart

Sami is so good at melding work and shoot together as a wonderfully believable heel. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a seriously smexy ginger as well.


AJ Ends It All!

I love watching KO and Sami work the ring together. I know I’ve compared them to Trip and HBK in the past, but this match reminded me more of that Cage Match between Owen and Bret. Bret was squirming out the door, so Owen bit him. It was the most ‘little brother’ think I’ve seen in the WWE, and we’ve seen many fake and real sibs go through the company. As great as the Dudley Boyz were, the most we saw of them being really sibs was when they were working with Spike. Heck, Edge and Christian felt more like sibs than D-Von and Bubba Ray did much of the time, but they also knew each other longer than Bubba Ray and D-Von did. It’s all about how the closest people make for the best teams and the best feuds. This match was so much greater than the sum of its parts, all because of how close KO and Sami are in real life.

I was a bit confused about AJ attacking at the end of this match. Why didn’t he just let them destroy each other? I mean, we all knew that something screwy would happen and we’d end up with a Triple Threat Match, but AJ’s involvement didn’t make a lot of sense to me. On the other hand, I love that it’s a Triple Threat Match and that will just add more fuel to the fire that’s been building between these three.


Final Flush

Normally I wrap up SD here, but I need to address something that came up during the Raw DD that I need to write about, even though Raw isn’t my baby any longer. Now, with Foxy injured Goldust has Mandy Rose as a partner, as we all know. For me, I didn’t think anything of it until I saw them together. Wow! Just, wow! Their chemistry is amazing and should be harnessed. Now, the last thing I want is for Mandy to turn into a valet or anything daft like that, but I would love to see these two lead a faction together. They both have a quirky sultriness that is unusual and captivating, and the WWE better do something great with them while Goldust is still willing to work. He’s not early in his career, but that being said, he can still go in a shocking way. This would be the perfect way to match a couple younger, struggling superstars with Goldust and Mandy to build an unusual faction and create something that could help main superstars work their way up the ladder. Stacy and I discussed ideas for a half hour after SD ended last night, and chemistry that great needs to be harnessed!

Queen KB