Rose Gold!

Jimmy Uso & Naomi vs. Rose Gold (Mandy Rose & Goldust)

It’s cool that Jimmy wore some glow with his ring gear for the night.  He even danced along with her theme.  That’s when you know it’s true love.  They are too much fun together.  Goldy and Mandy are fun together too.  Many does femme fatale very well (she’s absolutely gorgeous) and Goldust is just plain fun.  I must confess that I do miss Goldy’s blonde wig.

What is on Daniel’s head?  Oh my.  His bizarre pony tail is certainly a fashion choice…not one I’d make but…

Goldust really sold his age here and it was riot.  The crowd totally got into it too and it was beyond funny.  Daniel Bryan’s “yes” chant was absolutely seismic!  Sadly we didn’t get the Rose Gold kiss we all wanted.  This whole match was an absolute riot.  You can’t go into these things expecting well-worked matches.  This is all about the personalities of the workers involved.  It’s entertainment, kids!

Throughout, Rusev and Lana were killing me on the Facebook comments.  I was laughing so hard at them that it was hard to watch the match.


Rusev & Lana

Rusev is tremendously funny (if you don’t believe me, check him out on UpUpDownDown.  Lana has a pretty good sense of humor too and she was up for this.  Really fun stuff.


Elias & Bayley

Fun little video.  Bayley’s trying to soften him and Elias isn’t having it.  There are more of these on Bayley’s Twitter account.  You gotta check ’em out.


The Mixed Match Challenge really is a lot of fun and if you aren’t watching it, you HAVE to do it.  Just go to Facebook’s “Mixed Match Challenge” page and you can keep up with it as it happens.  You can also watch older matches there and on the WWE Network.