NJPW Opens Dojo In USA, Changes To Bullet Club

NJPW has announced that they are opening a dojo in Los Angeles, CA in March 2018.  They advertise it as a unique place to learn Japanese wrestling techniques from pro wrestlers.



It turns out that the Bullet Club has split into two factions.  Cody will be leading the Elite faction, which is made up of guys who do more work within ROH: Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Hangman Page, etc.  Kenny will lead the faction made up of workers who spend more time in Japan: Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi, etc.  The Bullet Club currently has 13 members, 14 if you count Stephen Amell, so each faction will have 6-7 members.



Queen’s Decree – I will fully admit that Sir Mitch has a much better handle on NJPW, but he’s home helping his mother after surgery, so I’m trying to wade my way through news about wrestlers and companies that I’ve written very little about.  But, Mitch stated, “I’m going on the belief that both factions will reunite at the ALL IN show after they do some kind of parody of the finger poke of dome or HBK dropping the EU Title to HHH in 97 or some kind of comedy bit anyway. All of which depends on if Kenny decides to make the Jump to WWE in 2019! His current NJPW deal runs out in February 2019!”