What Is Going On With Booker T And Corey Graves?

There has been a number of changes to the announce desk recently.  First Mauro left the desk, followed by JBL.  Mauro has found his new home in NXT, while JBL has enough going on in his life that he can do what he likes with the WWE and not worry about money.

The latest kerfuffle on announce has been Booker T being replaced by Jonathan Coachman.  Many people have made claims that Booker left announce due to personal issues with Corey Graves.  Little snide comments when they were both on announce and Corey continued with comments after Booker left.  Now Booker has stepped up on Twitter to give Corey an opportunity to call into Booker’s show so they can talk it out.  Only time will tell what happens with this possible confrontation.



Queens’ Decree – I’ve noticed something about Booker over the past ten years or so.  When he’s happy, he sounds great on the mic, but when he’s not, he gets very strange, says unexpected things, and sometimes even becomes impossible to understand.  If you look back to his time in TNA, he started out great, but the last two years he was there his mic work became strange,  almost as if he was delusional.  When he returned to the WWE he was quite solid on announce for quite a while, but the past year or so he’s really gone downhill, along the same path he did in TNA.  This makes me wonder if he really is that unhappy in the WWE right now.