Speculation About Changes To Branded PPVs

This news came across our desks this morning, and while we haven’t confirmed it, a number of other sites are running with it as fact.  Until we get information directly from the WWE, we are posting this as unconfirmed.


Backlash, scheduled for May, is now a dual-branded PPV, not just Raw, according to emails sent to ticketholders.  This has led people to infer that the WWE might be stepping away from the single-brand PPVs that started after the most recent brand split.

Prior to this, the WWE had four dual-branded PPVs – Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.  The WWE has struggled with the lower ticket sales and buy-rates from the single-branded PPVs.  Some have complained that the build to single-branded PPVs have been too long, leading to sluggish storylines.


Sir Mitch Says – I hope this isn’t true! Branded PPV’s are the only thing that makes brand separations work IMO.


Queen’s Decree – Here we go again! I feel like this is the revolving door of the WWE. They did an amazing job with the brand-split, having Shane and Bryan on SD, Steph and Angle on the other, and it’s all working out better than it did the first time around. Further, I think a longer build is a great thing for many storylines, but the WWE won’t put in the work to make write longer storylines and make them great. I know we live in a world of, what I’d like to call, short attention span theater, and that a lot of people won’t put up with the longer, more in-depth stories, but I strongly disagree. All you have to do is look at the shows that are most commonly binge-watched are the hour-long, more dramatic shows. Yes, I’m kinda binge-watching Cheers right now, but I’m watching it as a cool down, decompress from too much Star Gate (SG1, Atlantis, and Universe), and too much ER. Like most people, I can only watch too many episodes of light and funny, and the WWE knows that with the short humorous segments between stronger stories and matches. Much of the time the WWE gets it, but lately, they seem more lost than ever!