Let The Pancakes Hit The Floor

I honestly don’t know what to say here. This wasn’t the strongest episode of SD, but it wasn’t really horrid either. I’m loving the growth in the Riott Squad, as they’re all looking quite strong, and the weakest links are quickly catching up with the rest of the women on SD. It’s been thrilling to watch them grow. Ruby has been strong, as she was in NXT, but they other two are catching up quickly, and really looking strong in the ring. Of the six new women on the main roster, only one isn’t doing well, and that’s the one who has been on the roster before – Paige, and that’s not due to any reason other than injuries taking their toll. I feel horrible for her to be done at her young age.


So Much For An Opening Match!

I was complaining that I didn’t want to see Ziggler vs Corbin for the 863rd time, and KOmi took care of it. Not exactly a direction I like, but at least we didn’t get stuck watching the same match again. I know KOmi are anti-everyone right now, but this fell really flat for me.


Charlotte Brings Backup

The Riott Squad really wasn’t happy when both Becky and Naomi came to the ring, but they are heels and they don’t like it when they’re in a fair fight. But, I have to say that Sarah Logan really looked great out there in this match. She looks a bit like a Bray Wyatt follower, or Sister Abigail, but her ring work has been looking a lot better than I expected from her. She really got down and dirty in this match, and it was really great to see. Sarah Logan sold natural selection better than anyone I’ve seen before now. That was a beautiful thing!


Heels Abound

The fans reacted to this match the way they usually react to two heels fighting it out. As much as I love KO, this match holds no interest for me. I have caught some crap lately for not liking Corbin. The problem is that I’ve tried to like him. I’ve tried to like hating him. I’ve tried to care anything about his existence on SD, within the WWE, but it’s just not there. I’m all good for hating on heels – or faces – if they give us something. I’m all good for loving on faces – or heels if they give us something. What I feel for Corbin is a whole lot of nothing. I get nothing from him, at all, and I’ve really tried to become invested in him, but I have no reason to, he’s given me no reason to.

Has KO lost some weight?


RKO Outta Nowhere!

Love, love, love the interaction between Roode and Orton! I get why Mahal came out, but I loathe him! Okay, as I said in the previous segment that I feel little to nothing about Corbin, but Mahal, I have many and negative feelings toward him. I don’t hate Mahal because he’s a heel, I hate the WWE, McMahon, and Mahal for the direction they went with him since bringing him back to the WWE, including him being back to the company at all! Big difference in my feelings between the two men.

I love Roode and have loved Roode since Team Canada. I’ve actually really enjoyed the Impact Network on the Pluto App because I can see a lot of the older TNA PPVs, and some of them were amazing. Reliving some of the best that TNA ever had to offer, and Roode was in the middle of much of it!

I also have to admit that I love Orton a heck of a lot in this role, and I know that I’m going to catch crap about that, especially from Botch. He finds this Orton more boring than Cena. I, on the other hand, love the quieter RKO outta nowhere Orton. He has facial expressions that took years to learn, and reactions that most people have down pat before they’re ten years old. Orton is finally more than a robot, and I’m digging it. The one thing I didn’t dig from this segment is Mahal and the fact that he was standing after taking Roode and Orton down. That’s an epic wrong and should NEVER happen, should never have happened.


The Power Of Pancakes

Love Big E wearing Dexter’s mother’s gloves! It’s a look! Anyway, I have to say that I love that they have gone back to Kofi’s roots, and not his fake Jamaican roots! Their Kente cloth ring gear is tastefully done and well made. Love the look on all of them.

I also love the pancake thing, and I think it’s because they came about organically, and New Day has done a great job of making them fun and over-the-top. My Queen’s Decree for the (rumor) news story about possible changes to single-brand PPVs mentioned how the WWE knows how to put in comedy, but not let it take over the entire show. New Day is the biggest proof of that in recent years. Yes, there are people like Sir Mitch who has been over New Day for over a year now, but he’s wrong. New Day is the best comedic segment on WWE TV since Santino, and he was the master of comedy for the WWE for a number of years.


Pancakes To Punches

Not a bad match, but…something about it felt rather off. It was as if one of them was a step off and that made everyone else slightly off. So a solid match, but I want more, so much more! I know all five have more, so much more.


Usos Bludgeoned

Okay, I was vibing to the Usos, actually enjoying the rhythm of their patter, but loved it when Harper and Rowan took out the monitor. It was a fantastic way to hit it out of the room.


Whiny KO, Again!

He couldn’t get the job done so he’s putting it all on Sami’s head? I wonder if maybe KO will be face with Sami being heel if things don’t change. Seems as though Sami is really getting annoyed with his bestie.


Dancing Ginger On The Mat

Well, looks like Corbin and Ziggler will be involved in the Fatal 78 Way Match, and if it’s as good as these guys can be, I’m actually excited to see it. In fact, I was quite impressed with the work these two did in this match. It’s great to see Ziggler have a really solid match, and with Sami, that’s very easy. Actually, Ziggler does have mad skills himself, even though many – not me – don’t like the way he sells in the ring. Personally, I love the over-acting, but I’m also a huge HBK fan, and we all know how dramatically he sold! Anyway, this match was really enjoyable to watch, and that’s one of the best things I can say about a main event match.


Final Flush

To be honest, if not for Charlotte versus Sarah, and the work done by Sami and Ziggler in the main event, I would have used the new logo for The Royal Flush. But since those matches saved the show, you will just have to wait to see the new logo! I will say that I was very happy when this SD ended. I just wasn’t feeling this episode of SD, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. If you liked this episode of SD, other than those segments I graded as three or higher, please tell me why in the comments. I’d really like to know what you think, and why.

Queen KB