Mickie James Comments On Ronda Rousey

We think we can now safely say that the “heat” Ronda Rousey has been getting from the women’s locker room in WWE is obviously a work. It’s still fun to watch!

Mickie James is another in what is becoming a long line of female workers in WWE to express their “displeasure” at all the attention Ronda Rousey has gotten since the Royal Rumble.

James responded to a fan on Twitter that suggested that Ronda Rousey wasn’t needed at the Elimination Chamber because she would be overshadowing the other women on the show.

James responded:

Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks chimed in as well.

Sir Mitch Says: This stuff is gold and will result in some great programs down the line for Rousey. I am a little worried, though, that WWE’s writers and higher-ups will turn all this into some Diva type angle where all the women act “Catty” around Rousey.