Dominic Is Stepping Into The Ring!

Dominic Gutierrez started training under his father, Rey Mysterio, but has recently stepped up his game and is now training in Florida under Jay Lethal.

It’s been a number of years since Dominic stepped into a WWE ring with his father for a storyline.  Those who don’t remember, the storyline was that Eddie Guererro was actually Dominic’s biological father.  The WWE was blasted for putting such a young child on TV in such a traumatic storyline, but the WWE and Rey blasted back that Dominic knows that wrestling is scripted and that he was no different from any child actor in any other show or movie.


Queen’s  Decree – I have to admit that I was worried about Dominic at times, just some of his facial expressions had me worried at the time, but he grew up in a lucha family, so he knows what the industry is about.  Also, I knew that Eddie and Rey would never let anything happen to Dominic.  I think that was the first we saw of Vickie on WWE TV.  All that being said, if Dominic follows in his father’s footsteps, we will be seeing him in the ring sooner than later.  I’ll admit, I’m excited to see what he can do in the ring.