Make a Hole

Hey, kids.  It’s your Botching One yet again set to drown in the waters of “The Illustrious Future” of NXT.  Let’s see where they took us this week.


Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong

With everything that Dunne does, he just looks so vicious with it!  His attack on the arm, wrist, and fingers is just like that which he did with Tyler Bate.  Mauro said he was “taking a page out of Shayna Bazsler’s playbook” and I have no clue why he said it.  He’s just not paying attention as Dunne has been doing this all along.  He kept going back to it too so this was the thread that ran through the entire match.  These guys worked really well together.  Dunne appears to be able to have a great match with anyone and Strong even upped his inventiveness game too.


Backstage segment – Velveteen Dream

This was quick but it further solidified his character.  He’s pulling it all off so well and is the hottest young star in NXT right now.  No Way Jose and he should be fun next week and I’m looking forward to it.


In-ring segment – Aleister Black & Killian Dane

Both of them came out and did promos no one really cared about.  Killian’s in particular was met with complete silence.  Not much to see here, really.  Not a disaster; just meh…


TM61 (Shane Thorne and Nick Miller) vs. John Skyler & Andrew Duckworth

I’ve seen Skyler on the indies for years so it’s nice to see him here.  Still, Duckworth and he were here to job and they did it well.  Thorne and Miller looked pretty good here.  It wasn’t much to look at due to the shortness of the match but what we got was good.


Ember Moon vs. Shayna Bazsler

These two absolutely killed it at “TakeOver:  Philadelphia” so we knew this would be fun.  Love that Ember came out with kinesio tape on the arm that Shayna abused.  Nice touch.  They used to do it with ace bandages, now it’s kinesio tape.  Ember’s viciousness that opened the match was really cool.  I also loved the nuance of Shayna continually threatening the kimora lock while it was happening.  She’d almost get Ember’s arm and not quite make it happen.  Ember slammed Baszler into the announce table and injured her arm again.  Bazsler went right for it – continuing to tell that story.  Ember sells like a champ so this works well for her.  It makes Shayna look like a heartless monster.  I also really liked the Kairi Sane run-in too.  It made total sense as Shayna has come for her as well.  Kairi really showed fire here and that’s what we really need to see, not some silly pirate getup.


Short but sweet.  This actually went by really fast.  I must have enjoyed it, right?  Hopefully, you did too!  Let’s see what happens next week as we bask in “The Illustrious Future” that is NXT!