Rich Swann has Parted Ways with WWE

As we all know, Rich was dealing with some legal issues from which he was legally cleared.  As of two days ago, his pic remained up on the WWE Superstars section of  Sadly, as of about an hour ago, Rich and WWE have officially parted ways.  Important to note, too, that it was very much a mutual decision.  Here’s WWE’s tweet:


Botch Take:  What a shame.  I was sure he’d be back and I said as much on the site.  Sadly, it’s not to be.  I’m sure he’ll do very well anywhere else he chooses to go.  He never really got it together on the mic in “205 Live” (few have) so maybe it’s for the best.  Either way, I wish him well too and I’ll be looking for him on the indies for sure.  He was always more fun there.