The Bob Dylan and Joan Baez of WWE

Bayley & Elias vs. Lana & Rusev

The matching outfits…I cannot!  Lana and Rusev are showing off all their married cuteness here and it’s cool to see.  Lana was an absolutely riot with Elias’ guitar yelling, “I WANT TO WINNNN!!!!!”  She really showed her sense of humor here and she showed how much fun she can be.  Bayley had a golden opportunity to live outside of her “Raw” grind and be fun and she…didn’t.  She was what she always is:  completely boring.  Elias is in a character mode and he didn’t deviate from it much at all.  Understandable, really.

Lana’s ring work has really improved.  She’s not Becky Lynch but she’s gotten better for sure.  She also exuded a metric ton of personality.  She even took the win here – pinning Bayley.  I know this isn’t really a storyline thing but dag.

I only feel bad that I caught this late so I wasn’t able to celebrate Ravishing Rusev Day.  Whoa is me.

I have no idea why this isn’t catch on.  The MMC has been a lot of fun and I hope more will start watching.