Will Ospreay Rejected Talks with WWE

British wrestling sensation, Will Ospreay, was recently on an episode of “Talk is Jericho”.  He spoke of his decision to remain in NJPW:

“I had a phone call the other day [from WWE] actually asking like questioning contracts and stuff like that and I was just like, ‘I appreciate it but I’m quite happy here like I love being a part of this.’”

He then revealed exactly why he turned WWE down:

“Those guys are wrestling on Christmas Day and New Years and that would have killed me. Christmas to me is family and I love being with my family and that would have just murdered me. I don’t think I could do it, I really don’t.”


Botch Take:  For my part, I don’t blame him one bit.  If you’re happy where you are, you should stay there.  He’s done quite well for himself in NJPW and ROH so he really has no reason to go to WWE.  This business has changed and, as Cody Rhodes and others have proven, a worker can be quite successful not working in WWE.  Good for all those who can do it.