Jeff Jarrett to the WWE Hall of Fame

Jeff Jarrett is set to be the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Jeff has been involved in the business since 1986.  Along with working in both WWE, WCW, and NJPW, he created TNA with his father in 2002 and Global Force Wrestling in 2014.  Here is the tweet from WWE:

…and here’s the tweet from Triple H.


Botch Take:  Add this to the files of “You Never Saw This Coming”.  WOW!  Jeff Jarrett was never a big deal in any promotion he was in (except, of course, his own).  He did win the WWE IC title 6 times and the WCW Championship 4 times but none of those reigns were particularly remarkable.  He then went to start up TNA, a promotion which had all the talent in the world but was mismanaged and mis-booked from the very beginning.  The company began in June of 2002 but it only survived under J Sports and Entertainment for about 4 months before Panda Energy bought a 72% stake in it so it could continue to run.  It runs to this day under Anthem Sports and Exhibitions.  Global Force Wrestling was begun to absolutely no fanfare in 2014 after he left TNA and while they filmed numerous episodes of their show, “AMP’d”, Jeff never found a place to air them.  It only mattered a little when Jeff was brought back in by Anthem Entertainment as as an adviser in April of 2017.  They were “merged” with “Impact Wrestling” until July of 2017 when Jeff was let go.  

In short, this induction may make the least sense of any induction ever.  He’s was marginally successful in the ring but not at all anywhere else.  He’s also spent 16 years working with rivals.  That’s 10 years longer than he worked for WWE in total.  There’s obviously something else going on here that’s inciting this induction and I’m sure we’ll all find out what that is at some point.

Queens Decree:  Wow, I have to say that I’m completely floored! The thing that I remember most about Jeff Jarrett, prior to his HORRIBLE dealings as an indie (TNA/Impact/GFW/etc) promoter, was just how ugly his relationship with McMahon was. That final night of Nitro, when Raw and Nitro were one-ish, he fired JJ – the only person he even mentioned at all.  They have had a terrible relationship for more years than I can count, yet JJ is now being inducted into the WWE HoF?  The best thing he was involved with in the WWE was his relationship with Owen Hart.  He had some good matches too, but nothing I’d call HoF-worthy.  Further, the mess he’s made outside the WWE is deplorable!  JJ might have been a solid wrestler in his prime, but beyond that, he’s worked really hard to destroy the wrestling industry from the inside out.