Monday Night Raw (2/19/18)

Raw started with a Gauntlet Match between all the guys in the Elimination Chamber Match.  The first segment of the match was between Reigns and Rollins.

Rollins eliminated Reigns.

Cena out to face Rollins next.  Almost an hour into the match, Rollins defeated Cena.

Elias out to face a very tired Rollins.  Elias defeated Rollins.

Balor out to face Elias.  Balor defeated Elias.

Miz out to face Balor.  Miz defeats Balor after Miztourage distraction.

Strowman out to face Miz.  Strowman defeats Miz to win the Gauntlet Match.  After his post-match interview, Strowman returns to the ring to destroy Miz and his ‘Tourage, all over the ring and ringside area.

Video for Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the WWE HoF, Class of 2018.

Asuka out to talk about Elimination Chamber and her match with Nia Jax.  Asuka talks smack in a big way, and Nia out to fight with Asuka setting up for EC.

Video about Ronda and who she is.

Apollo & Titus w/ Dana defeated Sheamus & Cesaro.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt verbally duel from two different locations backstage.

Black History Month – Memphis sanitation workers were treated horribly, but then stood up, 13,000 went on strike.  Martin Luther King Jr. came down and gave his final major speech.

Sasha & Bayley & Mickie defeated Sonya & Mandy & Bliss, when Bliss tapped to the Bank statement!


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Does Brock Lesnar prefer Super Sugar Crisp or Frosted Flakes?

Will Lince Dorado ever master the Twisting Figure-four Corkscrew Plancha from the WrestleMania sign?

Is the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony being booked by Vince Russo?

Can Paige decide between the Swanson Hungry Man dinner or the Swedish Meatballs?

With the signing of Kylo Ren, will Titus change the name of his stable to Titus Galaxy-Wide?